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Working; having a beer; listening to the details of an apparently long overdue break-up; also listening to Dead Milkmen on the jukebox. All-in-all, entertaining and productive.

I walked up to Mash Tun brewpub on Alberta St. After posting this, some grizzled older men set up songs on the jukebox. I thought, uh oh, here comes an hour of Neil Young. But apparently they had a hankerin’ for some Norah Jones, so what do I know.


St Paul's Cathedral

It’s been a while. I need to get to the point where I have the app set up on my iPhone so I can write from anywhere. I’m not on my laptop much right now (it’s summer, and I am working and commuting, so hanging out on the laptop is lower on my list).

Lessee, what have I been doing? Hopefully longer stories soon. I flew to Wisconsin for a day to hang out with my sister, and then we drove to Chicago where we caught a plane to Dublin. After Dublin, we took Ulysses (the third largest ferry in Europe) to Holyhead, Wales and then spent a day in Wales. Down through Stratford-upon-Avon and into London. After London, we took the Eurostar through the chunnel (did you know your ears pop constantly?) and headed off to Paris. It was fantastic.

When I got back, I stayed in Chicago and Brian flew in and joined me. We hung out at the Shedd, the Field Museum, the Adler (and he got the Art Institute in as well, lucky guy). We took a great run along Lakeshore (although the humidity almost killed my heat-hating-self). Visited a lot of restaurants I wanted to try or that I missed. I started a new job – two days of training there, and then I flew home on Tuesday night, started my commute and work on Wednesday.

Frontera Grill

It’s been busy. I’m adjusting but my free time has definitely become smaller. More later I hope.