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Damned if you do

We were waiting for some friends outside of Toro Bravo and I decided to go look at the list of shows coming to Wonder Ballroom. There had been a very well-dressed man in a suit who had been waiting outside just as long as we had. I started reading the shows the shows to Brian that I thought he might be interested in seeing, and just as I was about to say it, the gentleman in the suit said to me “Oh, you guys should go see the Damned!” heh. Made me laugh – and if I wasn’t a student again (and hence cash poor) that would have been the one show I’d want to see (well, I’d think about Skinny Puppy too). I still have vinyl of the Damned, how funny I could walk now to go see them.

Still haven’t figured out who the dapper man in the suit was, but it’s those sorts of random things that make me really happy! Oh, and Toro Bravo, yum! Can’t wait to go back for more tapas, what a great restaurant with amazing service!