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Return to Wisconsin

Just a super last minute quick visit to Wisconsin, with no time to see any friends. But got two hours in Madison, a day or two near Milwaukee, and otherwise in the country (Hustisford, Beaver Dam). I saw deer and red fox! But no pictures of those.

Instead, a picture of the Dr. Evermor birds on Paterson Street:

And had our normal lunch at Harmony Bar of walnut burgers, hot chips with blue cheese, and Madison beer.

Also got to experience some really terrible Milwaukee road construction (seriously, Milwaukee, you can’t close all of your freeway onramps and then have all your detour signs point to also closed onramps. Thankful that I like to get to the airport obnoxiously early or we would have missed our plane!)

But also got to watch a family wait patiently for the red light and then cross the road safely:


In December, we had the shortest trip I’ve ever taken to Wisconsin. I was able to see a good amount of Brian’s family and spent some time with mine, but seriously short (basically less than two days per family).

The flight out started with us seeing Pedro the Lion at Mississippi Studios. Great show! But we definitely were out a bit late for a 4 a.m. flight to Chicago.

Pedro the Lion!

Switching between families, we managed to swing by Madison just long enough to check on our duplex and get bloody marys and walnut burgers at the Harmony. Seriously last second so we didn’t have time to give anyone a heads-up. But I got a walnut burger with fried onions, sooooo good as always.

The Harmony has the best walnut burgers.

Also seriously last second, my sister scored four tickets to Hamilton in Chicago. It meant that we drove to Chicago, back to Wisconsin, back to Chicago the next morning, but needless to say, so worth it. I was skeptical that I’d be amazed by Hamilton because of how much everyone has been raving about it. It was as good as everyone told me. My only complaint is that I can’t go see it again due to how hard it is to get tickets.

Hamilton in Chicago

Crazy talk, crazy talk!



If you have made the mistake of calling me recently, you know that all I can do right now is talk about the weather.

It’s not entirely my fault, I say, my genetics fortunately given me my father’s coloring but unfortunately sensitivity to heat. Which we’ve now passed down to my nephew (though not my niece). When I was a kid, after one rough summer day, I had to spend a week in a darkened room, drinking a doctor-prescribed syrup and moaning about my head and my skin. I remember also being put into a bathtub filled with ice-water. I overheat like no one I know.

Another summer, my mother, valiant and brave, drove from Oregon to Wisconsin and then to Florida. Whereupon, I immediately got a second-degree sunburn (or was it third?) and while Gretchen and my cousins continued to frolic in the pool, I was unable to leave the hotel. My mom gave me quarters to play video games in the game room, and I think that’s why I like video games to this date (I think I was 10? 11? at the time).

Brian used to tell me that heat exhaustion was in my head. And then one summer, we took an epic road trip (hey, I should write about that sometime on here, neat things happened) and made an epic mistake of driving through Arizona. In August. At noon. Through the desert. Brian’s stalwart Toyota Tercel who had made trips all over the country, finally overheated. In the desert, far from anywhere, at 118 degrees (!) , we had to turn the heat on full blast, roll down the windows and hope. After a few minutes the water we had sensibly packed for this part of the drive was literally too hot to touch. Brian, unfortunately, overheated. I could tell. We pulled off at a Perkins as soon as we entered Phoenix, and he started talking out of his head. Since I am an expert at overheating, I knew what was happening. I paid our bill, found an air conditioned hotel (that wasn’t in our plans) and put him in an ice cold shower. When he came out, I turned the air as cold as it would go and put cold towels and ice cubes on his head. Needless to say, he has never told me that heat exhaustion is in my head again.

We went to Texas for my cousin Shelley’s wedding, and a day or two after, we drove to Austin. About 10 minutes after parking, I started talking crazy talk from the heat, and Brian quickly steered me into a restaurant until I returned to myself.

All this is to say, I am from Oregon. The Pacific Northwest. We do damp AWESOMELY. I do grey cloudy days with pure bliss. You will never hear me complain about rain or cloudiness, EVER. It makes me happy, it makes me see better.

We have broken all heat records in Portland this week. Yesterday, it was 106. We were supposed to beat that today by 107. I’m not sure if we did or not, but know that Vancouver, WA did, just across the Columbia River from Portland. Seattle broke its alltime record by hitting 103 downtown. Holy crap.

Our air conditioner decided to take a crap two weeks ago – no biggie, I thought. It never gets hot enough here that it’s big deal. If it warms up, we can always sleep in the guest room. It never gets hot there.

Last night, it was 90 around midnight. *weep* If you have heard me complain, if you are laughing at all of my facebook “I’m in airconditioning” posts, feel pity on me. I’m making no sense to anyone. I haven’t tried to accomplish a single thing in three days.

We’re expecting it to finally be better this week, when it hits a high of 92. Which is 16 degrees (trust me, those 16 degrees mean a lot) lower than today.

Yesterday, the only place hotter than Portland was was Phoenix.

Err….I guess I am mostly posting this for posterity, so I can look back and say, holy crap, it was hot.

Edited to add a quote from kgw: ” The heat was was expected to begin to weaken Thursday, with the high in the Portland area ‘cooling off’ to about 100.”

hahahahaha, cooling off to 100. *weep*

Atomic Records

This probably isn’t news to any of my Milwaukee friends, but some of my Madison friends who’d care might not know – Atomic Records in Milwaukee is going to out of business after 25 years of being the most wonderful record store I’ve ever been to anywhere in the U.S.

They were awesome because you could go and browse their huge collection, and the people who worked there clearly loved their jobs. They’d say something like, oh, you like Ministry, huh? Have you heard about Lard? And suddenly you had a whole new group to listen to, one that you would have never ever heard of but then would go on to really like. They weren’t the sort of place that was all snooty about what bands you liked or if you were cool enough to be there, they were just awesome.

If you are in the area, they are open until sometime in February (albeit with shorter hours) so go and support them and tell them I’ll miss them. I called and am having shirts sent for Brian and I – he liked Atomic as much as I did.

Here’s hoping the folks there go on to do equally awesome things – they are good creative people who did good things.