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Random photo from Bilbao

Here’s a random photo from Bilbao. Brian and I flew to Spain this spring to visit our niece Bailey, and to visit my friend Marta. Love a few of the photos from Bilbao, I really should do a longer post on that.

This is Bailey and me, as well as La Salve bridge, reflected in the tulips outside of Guggenheim-Bilbao.

Tulips outside of Bilbao Guggenheim

New York

Sitting on a boat in the Hudson River with a beer in New York.

Fantastic day in NYC, saw Buckminster Fuller’s World Game played in a New York high school with friends, had a cocktail at the Algonquin and saw both the famous round table and secret door, and the original Pooh bear and other stuffed animals. Kind of lucky!

Original Pooh characters at New York Public Library

The Algonquin! Dorothy Parker rocks, and the maitre d’ here was awesome to me.

Chicken noodle soup with Matzo balls on the way out of town before Carnegie Deli closes. Thanks for the fun, New York!