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The internet, cell phones, and assorted computers.

This is a cool idea for a high school – one of the local schools’ English classes had its students resist using technology for a short school week. No cell phones, no FaceBook, not even radio in the car on the way to school.

Brian and I for years would take a technology vacation. We’d go somewhere, and leave our computers behind for a week. We didn’t own cell phones then (I resisted getting a cell phone until 2006, and then I had it off so often most of my friends deleted my cell phone number from their address books).

It was good for us, and it usually felt like waking up.

Now that we have iPhones, we are rarely without a computer. It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a decent length technology vacation. Probably the longest time we’ve been unconnected this year is when we drove to Eastern Oregon, and that’s just in the car because the hotel had wireless.

I will have to think of a good time to take one (it may not be even possible right now with how many hours Brian is working and with me in school).

Packing for the move

Mostly just packing like crazy and working on finalizing our financing. Takes a lot of concentration to keep track of everything you need to, and doing it while you are packing is a little mad because twice I’ve packed papers we need to complete our financing, heh.

If you are waiting for an email from me, I’m having some difficulties with my mail client right now, and answering things on the iPhone is tedious at best. I’m trying to get to things from my webmail, but it’s much slower for me. I’m hoping to take a second or two this weekend and straighten out whatever is not letting me send from my mail client (probably a blocked port is my guess, but who knows).

Picture above is our new office. The upstairs has some beautiful old growth Douglas Fir – the first owner did wood working and added a lot of nice features to the house. It’s not paneling, it is doug fir planks. Neat-o. Our inspector showed Brian how old it was by how tight the line are in it.