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Jim Henson

Jim Henson has been a hero of mine for a long time. I admire him for his creativity, kindness, and honesty. Brian noticed that Museum of the Moving Image in New York has a big exhibit right now and we are definitely going to go. But when I researched it, I discovered that MoPop (which used to be EMP) in Seattle had a small exhibit from Museum of the Moving Image. So we hit up our friend Tim to crash at his Ballard apartment, grabbed our Orca cards and headed up. It is nice to have Seattle only 3 hours away.

Seeing the exhibit meant that I got to stand next to some old friends. Really loved this, especially seeing his sketchbooks and the recreation of the night club concept. They also had the ball outfits that were worn in Labyrinth!

Another show in Seattle

We took the train back to Seattle last weekend as Tim had got tickets to Sleater-Kinney for all of us! Really fantastic, and the part of Ballard he lives in has soo much to do (regretfully didn’t take enough pictures this trip).

Union Station on a fantastic summer day

Union Station on a fantastic summer day

Had some time before getting on the train so sat outside of Wilf's with an Oregonian wine

Had some time before getting on the train so sat outside of Wilf’s with an Oregonian wine

I have wanted to eat at the Walrus & the Carpenter forever.  It lives up to its reputation and then some, yum!

I have wanted to eat at the Walrus & the Carpenter forever. It lives up to its reputation and then some, yum!

Walking to dinner near Pike Market

Walking to dinner near Pike Market

The Showbox

The Showbox

Our table before we moved forward to dance

Our table before we moved forward to dance



Belated Seattle post

Did I tell you we took the train to Seattle to see Stevie Wonder in early December? It was a really fun trip. Brian used Fetch to buy the show tickets, the train tickets and to reserve the room at Ace Hotel so it counted as a mid-week working vacation. It was fun to show up at the Ace and have the front desk say, oh, your assistant reserved your room for you.

Entry to Ace Hotel

Entry to Ace Hotel

Our room, taking a quick break before dinner.  Brian is likely working in this picture.

Our room, taking a quick break before dinner. Brian is likely working in this picture.

View from the bed

View from the bed

Nice view of the Sound from our room, we were super close to everything

Nice view of the Sound from our room, we were super close to everything

I wish I could remember where we got dinner – nice pizza, nice guys there, and we had a Missouri beer we liked (it surprised us, but not our waiter who was from there). Ah wait, I found it – I use yelp like some people use bookmarks. We walked from the Ace to Rocco’s for dinner and then walked to Key Arena to see Stevie Wonder. Not very many good pictures from the show, but holy cow – he played for four hours.


Space Needle at night

Space Needle at night

We walked back to the hotel around 1? And sat at the bar for a drink before bed, but managed to get up to meet Tim for breakfast at a little bakery nearby which he liked (it was pretty good! I was super tired!). He headed off for work, and we wandered around. We considered getting more piroshkies at Piroshky Bakery which is where we ate lunch the day before (have you eaten here? If you are in Seattle often and don’t, what’s wrong with you? Do it. So nice to grab some and walk through the city) but twice in two days felt excessive. It was a nice rainy day so we mostly just wandered until our train ride home.

Mmmm flat white on the way home

Mmmm flat white on the way home

Knitting and reading on the train

Knitting and reading on the train

March. Still cold. Still fun.

Some things I’ve done in the last two weeks:

Painted The Hall Of Doors orange and knit a rug for our downstairs bathroom.

Moose checks out the new rug in the bathroom.

Walked around a waterfall I hadn’t found before.

Brian at Latourell Falls, Oregon.

Latourell Falls, Oregon.

We followed the waterfall hike by eating at Full Sail. I really like their food. It’s hard to have us go there when Double Mountain is so close, but we were in the mood for burgers so we went to Full Sail. After dinner we did their beer tour which impressed me. I like them even more after that. Miller has tried to buy them numerous times and they keep saying no, they just want to make beer. The people who work for them seem really happy too.

Drank some beer at some of my favorite Portland places.

Tom Sr indicates his displeasure with his beer size (which as 18% ABV!!!)

Stayed out on a pier over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Tom Sr at the Goonies house.

We had Brian’s dad watch Goonies the night before we went to Astoria. We had a little extra time before we checked into our hotel, so we drove to the Goonies house so he could see it.

Broken pier next to our hotel.

I cannot recommend Cannery Pier Hotel enough. What a great place! The hotel was comfortable and well-appointed, the people were fantastic and the smoked salmon at the wine tasting was the best I’ve had this year. It was great! The hotel room is right out on the water, and they give you a list of all the ships going to Portland and overseas so you can use your room binoculars to check them out. And they have an antique car that will take you anywhere you want to go in Astoria. We took it to Rogue for dinner and drinks. Really fantastic.

Tom at the Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.

While we were in Astoria, we checked out the Maritime museum. I liked that too – it was larger than I thought it was (I burnt out about halfway) and we got to wander on a lightship before they had to shut it down for the day due to a strangely high tide (9 feet!).

Unusual 9 foot tide in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Drank wine at Torii Mor and picked up our wine from our wine club.

Did a whirlwind tour of Seattle when we dropped Brian’s dad off.

We showed him the waterfront (which he liked).

Tom Sr in Seattle.

We showed him Pike Market (which he didn’t really like. Too many people and hills).

Pike Market, Seattle, Washington.

We showed him the top of the Space Needle (which he liked).

Brian and his dad at the Space Needle.

Tom Sr and Brian in Seattle.

We had a quick happy hour at Ivar’s on the waterfront (we all loved that). We had some seafood and Brian and I had Manny’s beer which you can only get in Seattle and which we really enjoy. It rained all the way from Portland and all the way back, but it was clear, sunny and warm the entire time we wandered the city, just perfect.

Now we are trying to get back into the swing of things, which I am finding hard to do!

Books to read

A nice article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on books to read about the Pacific Northwest, both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve read a number of them, and the rest of them have just gone on my Hold queue at Multnomah County Library.

Am planning on writing on here hopefully more frequently. Between a really nasty cold that put me out of the running for over two weeks and some bouts of a minor depression, I haven’t wanted to document a lot of complaints :)

New Things that happened on Tim and Jon’s visit

We saw the grave of a pioneer who traveled here after passing away and who was brought here preserved in whiskey.

We had a great wander through downtown Seattle visiting whatever struck our fancy. I really liked the Whisky bar we stopped at first. I wish it had been our last stop too. We were also rejected from going to a cabaret (really, it was for the best. But funny). We ended up at the grossest most terrible hick / red neck / frat bar before heading back to the hotel, but somehow Brian still managed to make a friend. Who gave him a big hug. hehe

Goonies sign
A sign in front of the driveway leading up to The Walshes’ house and also Data’s house from Goonies.

Driving to Astoria to visit Rogue Public House and the “Goonies” house, we drove on 101 through Washington from Seattle and saw how much damage a fall windstorm did to the forests.

Brian and I taught ourselves how to make tempura, and are constantly considering what we can now tempura. I wanted a tempura vegetable roll for our sushi, and we also decided to do a tempura bay shrimp roll (yum!). Sushi was great, but wow, I like making tempura.

Space Room
The Space Room on Hawthorn.

Tim and I went to the Space Room. Neat. We brought Brian back there the next day after Tim got a tattoo. I got spoken to about not smoking in the bathroom.

Leave Love Alone
The girls’ room door at the Space Room.

I wasn’t smoking in the bathroom, I was sneaking a camera into there to take a picture of the great door in the ladies’ room. O well. Brian had a creepy interaction with an off-duty cocktail waitress that still makes me shudder everytime I think about it.

Brian had a near-transcedental experience with ribs at Clay’s Smokehouse Grill on Division. Go there if you like ribs and smoked stuff, they are yummy and inexpensive. They have buck-a-rib specials until five on a lot of days and $1 Rainiers on tap. Which means for $4 you can get an excellent dinner.

We also saw a great gypsy-folk-punk band at the Edgefield and discovered a building we hadn’t yet explored on the Edgefield grounds.