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From Neskowin to Newport

My sister came to visit for the weekend. We packed a lot into a short time, including a night at the coast.

We went to Neskowin, where we’ve been going since we were tiny. I must not have been here for this high of a tide, you couldn’t even step onto the beach. Pretty, and we just wanted to see Proposal Rock before heading into Lincoln City, so that worked.

The next morning Brian had a few meetings so we left him and went to Newport. My sister is looking for some art and there is a gallery there I thought might have something. They didn’t but we stopped to say hello to some of my favorite residents:

I never get tired of watching them squabble and clown around.


Sea Lions!

Sea Lions!

Everything is all at once too familiar and too foreign.

Having grown up here, all the plants and flowers are ones that I recognize but cannot name. Sometimes, if I try to not think of the name, it whispers through my mind and I can tell immediately it is right.

All the animals too – bluejays and hummingbirds, sea lions and whales – all of these seem right and exotic all at once.

It’s good to be here and it’s good to be home.