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Recipe: Shrimp cakes (Zucchini cakes)

Zucchinis and squash blossoms at the PSU farmers' market.

Zucchinis and squash blossoms at the PSU farmers' market.

We’ve been making all sorts of veggie cakes. Last night we modified my recipe to use up the bay shrimp I bought at the farmers’ market. Other than changing the vegetable or seafood, the recipe stays the same (well, mostly, I toss other things into it as my mood dictates). They have about the same texture as crab cakes, so if you’ve liked those, you’ll probably like one of these.

I mince some onion very finely. I do the same with a clove or two of garlic (heh, I’m kidding, I probably throw four or five in there, but you don’t have to do that, I’m just a garlic fiend). If I have a fresh herb, I mince it and toss it in. Grate about a cup or a cup and a half of cheese (last night we did cheddar and monterey jack and it was awesome). Toss in two cups of panko (or breadcrumbs if panko is not your thing). I always use paprika – maybe 2 teaspoons? Salt and pepper. Other spices as my mood changes. Often a dash or two of cayenne pepper, it doesn’t make the cakes hot, but gives them a nice sharpness.

Then I grate or mince the veggie I’m using. With last night’s bay shrimp, I ran a knife through the pile once or twice just to make the majority smaller. With zucchini, I grate a few of them, toss them into a towel, squeeze a good amount of the water out of them). Toss the veggie into the mix. Add two or three eggs for moisture and binding. Mix it all up. I use my hands because I’m going to use my hands to form the cakes anyhow.

Make them into patties, slightly smaller than a hamburger. Heat some oil in a skillet (we are trying to use less and less oil for this part). Fry each side until they are golden and have a slight crust. Put them on a plate with paper towel as you finish each of them.

We tossed some wheat germ into the ones we made last night and it did great things for the texture. I thought the ones we had last night would have been good with some cornmeal and lime tossed in because we put cilantro in the ones we made last night. We’ve been super low on protein and have been working on that, so I was happy to see that while each cake was about 220 calories, they had a whopping 26 grams of protein, making yesterday the first day that Brian and I had anywhere near what we should for protein (it’s bad – when I first started tracking protein, we would often only get 20 or grams of protein. We definitely don’t have the “eat too much protein” problem so many people in the U.S. have).

These are starting to be our favorite food, especially as the farmers’ market gives us more and more veggies over summer.

We make enough for dinner with a salad one night, and then eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. mmmmm.