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From Neskowin to Newport

My sister came to visit for the weekend. We packed a lot into a short time, including a night at the coast.

We went to Neskowin, where we’ve been going since we were tiny. I must not have been here for this high of a tide, you couldn’t even step onto the beach. Pretty, and we just wanted to see Proposal Rock before heading into Lincoln City, so that worked.

The next morning Brian had a few meetings so we left him and went to Newport. My sister is looking for some art and there is a gallery there I thought might have something. They didn’t but we stopped to say hello to some of my favorite residents:

I never get tired of watching them squabble and clown around.

Good walk

Brian in the sand

Brian in the sand

This was probably my favorite walk that I remember in a very long time. We walked down to Nye beach by the stairs outside Sylvia Beach Hotel.

The temperatures had dropped enough during the night that the cars in the parking lot were encrusted in frost. Brian took the time to write “Defrost Me” on my trunk. It was completely sunny out, and brisk enough that I was happy to have a hoody and windbreaker on but also happy that my cheeks were getting cold.

We walked from Nye Beach to the jetty. Not sure how far of a distance that is as the crow flies, but there and back was about a two hour walk. We were really just heading to the nearby rocks to see if there were any interesting tidepools (not really).

Once we explored the nearby rocks, we decided to keep walking. After a while, we came upon some small sand dunes, and I realized you could see Newport’s bridge off in the distance between the trees. So we had to take pictures from various vantages.

Climbing sand dunes is usually pretty hard work, but it had been cold enough the night before that the sand was slightly frozen, making it very easy. Strange to see the frost on the sand.

After getting a few pictures there, we walked to the jetty. We could see that there was a gate and fence on it shortly before it met the ocean. It doesn’t surprise me that they want to keep people off it – on one side is a long drop to the bay (and cold winter waters) and eventually on the other is the ocean, with high crashing waves just looking to tear you from the jetty.

The chainlink gate was covered with things people had found on the beach, netting, small weights, rope, styrofoam, and a few dried flowers. Very interesting and artistic. I took a few pictures of that too, but none of them really turned out – I’ll have to go again to get a good shot or two.

We found a great little deli after we got back – I want to try it next time (we stopped in only to get some water).

We of course followed this walk by a short drive and more walking – we went tidepooling next.