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Busy week! I won’t add everything here but here’s a few things.

We finally saw Star Wars Last Jedi. On our walk to Laurelhurst Theatre, I caught a picture of a new Forest for the Trees mural.

On the way back, it was raining pretty heavily and we were headed to Beulahland for a beer and to talk about the movie, when we caught the mural again, with a tree shimmering in the rain, looking like it was a continuation of the mural. I didn’t really capture it (I’d’ve needed more time and a better camera) but in real life, it completely took my breath away.

Editing this to add a link to an article about murals around Portland.

Friday, friends surprised us with tickets to see a magician. I am not going to lie, I was nervous about it as I am not a huge fan of audience participation. Mostly because I tend to get chosen (and that was true this night too, I was chosen to do things second most!). Venue was tiny – it was in the bar area of Hawthorne Theatre:

That’s the back row, nowhere to hide!

The show was great, thanks Marcio and Abby!! Nate Staniforth surprised me again and again, and was kind to people. I’d see him again for sure.

Last weekend

Bagdad sign at night

The Bagdad sign at night.

I’m quiet because I’ve not been doing very much that I felt like writing on here. Quick notes of interest –

Katie bought a house in Milwaukie! The one with the “ie” rather than the “ee.” She doesn’t like the cold anymore than I do. Heh. Congrats Katie, I’ve started lifting weights again in preparation for slogging boxes. hehe

The Bagdad

The Bagdad on Hawthorne

Thursday night, Brian and I went to the Bagdad theater for the first time. We had dinner and watched everyone on Hawthorne totally loving spring.

The Bagdad is a McMenamins like Kennedy School. The Bagdad is where the premiere of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “My Own Private Idaho” was held. Neat. We were there to see “The Black Hole” which I’ve not seen since I was a little kid, and holy cow, I’m surprised that ending didn’t stay with me. We also got to try a McMenamins beer that we hadn’t had yet – Bagdad Ale.

Here’s a mural from next to the table.


Detail of mural at the Bagdad


Farmers’ Market at PSU – first of the year
In other news, the Farmers’ market at PSU opened for the season – so exciting. I may have gone a little overboard with my joy. I got three types of mushrooms, freshly caught salmon (which reminds me that I need to finish it today), carrots, garlic, garlic greens, pastries, oh, and a lot of other things.

My strange vegetable to try was sea beans, also known as samphire or sea asparagus. The farmer told me I could just eat them, which I have been, or grill fish with a layer of them on top, which I also did. The other farmer sad they are awesome in sushi, but since that’s not on the list for this week, I’ll probably need another bag of them before I can use them. They taste like the ocean (makes sense, they are harvested from the tides of Oregon) and a little like cucumbers. I really like them, and will be adding them to our repertoire.

Nothing else much going on – I miss the arrow keys on my laptop but am learning to live without them, so I think I will wait to replace the keyboard. I’m hoping to get some hikes in this week, and if so, should have some pretty pictures to post to flickr.

Last night; and a random story

Mural in Newport

Mural in Newport

Last night Katie and I explored Multnomah Village, which was cute. I think it has a slightly more focused demographic than then neighborhood we live in now.

There were cute little shops, which were mostly closed by the time we were done with the poetry reading at Annie Blooms. The poet was Peg (I feel bad but I can’t remember her last name right now). She had a wonderful way of talking about longing that really resonated with me. She talked about an island in Maine the way I’ve been talking about Oregon for years, so it really was interesting to listen to her read it outloud. Katie said that she is Quaker, and a lovely woman (she is a friend of Katie’s). Quite a wonderful time.

I can’t quite remember why this story is in my head again, but one time after we had bought the investment property, a friend of mine wanted to rent from us if she could find a roommate. After trying her friends, she put an ad on the campus bulletin board.

She’d come show the apartment, and while she was doing that, both of us would determine if the potential roommate would work or not.

The one that stuck with me is a young chubby man from Russia who seemed… a little off when we met him. He was very demanding in strange ways.

For instance, he turned to Brian and I saying “You ARE going to replace all the windows.” as if that were a reasonable thing for any landlord to do. Brian and I were genuinely startled, and Brian struggled to keep a straight face as he explained that no, these were the windows that came with the place.

The oddest thing he did was tell my friend Laurie that because one of the bedrooms was much larger than the other, they would have to determine it by sex.

We never figured out if he was trying to suggest that because he was a man, obviously he should get the largest room, or if the person who had the most sex should have the largest room, or (and I think this may have been what killed any hope for him with Laurie) if he was suggesting that they should have sex for the room.


So now that I am renting again, I am looking at things in this house that should get done and using the Russian windows as a gauge of whether or not my demand is reasonable to talk to my landlady about it.