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Return to Wisconsin

Just a super last minute quick visit to Wisconsin, with no time to see any friends. But got two hours in Madison, a day or two near Milwaukee, and otherwise in the country (Hustisford, Beaver Dam). I saw deer and red fox! But no pictures of those.

Instead, a picture of the Dr. Evermor birds on Paterson Street:

And had our normal lunch at Harmony Bar of walnut burgers, hot chips with blue cheese, and Madison beer.

Also got to experience some really terrible Milwaukee road construction (seriously, Milwaukee, you can’t close all of your freeway onramps and then have all your detour signs point to also closed onramps. Thankful that I like to get to the airport obnoxiously early or we would have missed our plane!)

But also got to watch a family wait patiently for the red light and then cross the road safely:

Weary Traveler

Weary Traveler

Weary Traveler

There are odd things I miss about Madison. I miss my friends, of course, and wish they could wander Portland with me like we’d wander Madison.

I miss getting a beer and dinner at the Weary Traveler, not surprisingly.

I really really miss the walnut burger at the Harmony – I haven’t found anything to replace it yet here, not even close. Don’t get me started on the hot chips and the Lake Louie APA.

Fried risotto balls at Vito here are a small consolation prize. And Bridgeport still makes me entirely too happy. Now where’s a good place to get an awesome housemade veggie burger?