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So far

So far we’ve done the following:

Ate dinner (super late!) at the Kennedy School.

We got up on Saturday and went to the farmers’ market to get peaches. Also got a ton of berries: blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blueberries.

Played with legos, then played some four square at Sabin Elementary. We cooked out (super late again) and then went down to the Eastbank Esplanade to watch the fireworks. We got icecream from a truck there!

I got over-pleased with myself and so of course, there were trees in the way of seeing fireworks – we could kinda see them through the trees. We grabbed our blanket, and headed toward them, stopping just under the freeway. The fireworks were really cool, especially the last bit. After it was over, everyone clapped, and all the people on their bikes rang their bells, which will make me smile for a long, long time – so Portland. We got home surprisingly fast given how crowded it was there – we crossed MLK in front of a lot of car, escorted by bikes.

Yesterday we went for a hike in Forest Park! We did the Wildwood trail (the loop, not the super long part). 3.5 miles – it was beautiful. I’ll post pictures later. The kids liked it too! We peeked into the Japanese Gardens and decided to do that another day. I ran down the stairs there and used the ladies’ in the Rose Test Garden and saw Mt Hood floating over the city. Still makes me gasp. :)

Last night, we played board games in the garden, starting out with a vintage 1977 Star Wars game, and continuing on to Clue. Dinner was terribly late – I have to make a goal of feeding the kids at 6 tonight – last night they didn’t eat until 9:30 p.m.! Which is 11:30 their time! Whoa! But we had made pesto and pasta and carrots when we came home from hiking, and it took that long to get hungry again.

So far, it’s been a fun trip!

Last weekend

Bagdad sign at night

The Bagdad sign at night.

I’m quiet because I’ve not been doing very much that I felt like writing on here. Quick notes of interest –

Katie bought a house in Milwaukie! The one with the “ie” rather than the “ee.” She doesn’t like the cold anymore than I do. Heh. Congrats Katie, I’ve started lifting weights again in preparation for slogging boxes. hehe

The Bagdad

The Bagdad on Hawthorne

Thursday night, Brian and I went to the Bagdad theater for the first time. We had dinner and watched everyone on Hawthorne totally loving spring.

The Bagdad is a McMenamins like Kennedy School. The Bagdad is where the premiere of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “My Own Private Idaho” was held. Neat. We were there to see “The Black Hole” which I’ve not seen since I was a little kid, and holy cow, I’m surprised that ending didn’t stay with me. We also got to try a McMenamins beer that we hadn’t had yet – Bagdad Ale.

Here’s a mural from next to the table.


Detail of mural at the Bagdad


Farmers’ Market at PSU – first of the year
In other news, the Farmers’ market at PSU opened for the season – so exciting. I may have gone a little overboard with my joy. I got three types of mushrooms, freshly caught salmon (which reminds me that I need to finish it today), carrots, garlic, garlic greens, pastries, oh, and a lot of other things.

My strange vegetable to try was sea beans, also known as samphire or sea asparagus. The farmer told me I could just eat them, which I have been, or grill fish with a layer of them on top, which I also did. The other farmer sad they are awesome in sushi, but since that’s not on the list for this week, I’ll probably need another bag of them before I can use them. They taste like the ocean (makes sense, they are harvested from the tides of Oregon) and a little like cucumbers. I really like them, and will be adding them to our repertoire.

Nothing else much going on – I miss the arrow keys on my laptop but am learning to live without them, so I think I will wait to replace the keyboard. I’m hoping to get some hikes in this week, and if so, should have some pretty pictures to post to flickr.


Last night was pretty fun. We walked up to the Kennedy School, taking a route that led us up Alberta Street (so hard to not stop and get an Italian Sidecar on the way).

Brian stopped near Alameda Street to get a yard waste can out of the middle of the street, and one of the neighbors thanked us for doing it. Apparently some teenagers had thought it’d be a good idea to hit the trashcan in their cars, knocking it into the street. I was just worried that the next car would hit it or swerve to avoid it and get into an accident, and that particular curve is a bit dicey to begin with so I was happy Brian did that.

We had a beer or two at the bar in Courtyard because Brian wasn’t in the mood to play shuffleboard (and the Boiler Room was packed), and wandered back down Alberta St, stopping to get a doughnut on the way (what? I had a sweet tooth).

It was a great October night for a walk, and I had a scarf, hat and gloves so I was cozy and enjoying the crisp air and kicking leaves. Fun to see how people carved their pumpkins (it’s Portland, so we saw one that involved three Pabst cans, hehe).

When we were about a block and half from our house, we waited for the light to change so we could cross, and these young teenagers came flying across the street at us. They were pretty young, I’m guessing fourteen or so. When people come running directly at you like that, you immediately tense up – are they going to ask for money? What’s going on?

One of the girls, out of breath, told us that there was a truck parked across the street with a little girl in it, all alone in the dark. They said they talked to her through the window, and she seemed to be okay, but the teenagers were worried. The teens said they waited at the corner for about five minutes to see if the little girl’s parents came for her, but that no one had.

The girls definitely came running to us because we were clearly responsible adults. I had that slightly strange feeling, I wanted to tell them, I’m not sure that I know what to do about this anymore than you do! I’m still a kid too! Really! And it made me laugh a bit that they chose to run up to a guy with a mohawk as a responsible adult. Brian walked toward the truck and the little girl tried to hide from him. Hmmmm.

The girls were very, very concerned about the little girl, and couldn’t figure out what to do. I am so touched by that, and that the three of them stood guard while they came up with a plan. They couldn’t split up, because either one girl stayed with the kid, while the other two got parents (dangerous) or one girl walked alone to get a parent (also dangerous).

I took a look at where the truck was parked and decided that it made sense to just knock on the nearest door and see if our neighbors knew who owned the truck.

The man who opened the door was probably about my age, and when I told him that there were some teenagers worried about the little girl, he was clearly embarressed. He said “I was just going to get her. She and her mother are on the way to the airport, but it’s taking her mother longer than expected to pack one of the bags.” The little girl was too excited and wanted to be in the truck so she could go to the airport. I remember doing things like that to my mom, I was a stubborn child too.

I felt pretty sorry for the guy, he was clearly concerned that I was accusing him of child abuse, which I so wasn’t. I hope in retrospect, he’s as touched as I am that three young teenagers were looking out for his daughter.

Games and beer, my favorite

I’m really excited because a new bar is opening in the Kennedy School on Friday. It’s called the Boiler Room and will have pool and more importantly, shuffleboard. I’m extremely pleased about this and can envision walking up there to spend an evening drinking Hammerhead beer and playing shuffleboard.

The Kennedy School is about 10 block farther from our new house, but it will be so awesome to have shuffleboard within walking distance again!

A long post, or the last five days.

Alright – I know I’ve been quiet again, I will probably be online a little less for a few weeks while my sister and her kids visit. I’ll try to at least post a picture or two occasionally.

We took Carrie to Seattle yesterday to go to the bachelorette party that was technically the reason for her visit. Carrie is one of my best friends, and she was visiting us for the first time from Madison.

We never had enough downtime to actually write, so here’s kind of the overview of what we did.

Saturday, we got up and went to the coast. We took her to Burgerville on the way to get a strawberry milkshake (I got the strawberry lemonade, it’s soooo yummy). Stopped at Mo’s to eat some clam chowder and have a Rogue’s Mo’s Ale. We walked on the beach and looked at the harbor seals, but the beach was pretty crowded so we didn’t stay very long.

We stopped at Boiler Bay – it’s a tradition now, I think.

After that, we went to Yaquina Head lighthouse. I always forget how incredibly windy it is there, moreso than anywhere else on the coast. I have a great picture of Carrie where she looks like she is being blown away, but she didn’t like it so I won’t put it up here. We waited to go to the top of the lighthouse (217 stairs) and found out that there are more lighthouses in Michigan than in anywhere else in the U.S. Hmm.

Yaquina Head has some nice tidepooling, so we did that for a while. It’s nice because you are almost guaranteeded to see something interesting at low tide, so it’s a pretty good place to bring a new person. Tidepooling, if you don’t know what that is, is going to the pools on the rocks that are formed when the tide goes out. All sorts of interesting creatures live there, and like many things in Oregon, the more patient you are, the more you are rewarded. We saw sea stars, mussels, crabs, anemone, barnacles, limpets, snails, a mossy chiton, purple urchin, and probably a lot of other things I’m not remembering now.

We followed that up by going to Seal Rock and then to Newport to get a beer or two at the Rogue Public House. Not too many sea lions in Newport that day, kinda odd.

The following day I drove Carrie around Portland showing her the neighborhoods. We went to the Rose Test Gardens to admire all the sweet smelling roses (lovely), and then we went shopping on Hawthorn. Ate lunch at Por Que No, which is still my favorite place in Portland to eat. I found out they are opening a second restaurant on SE Hawthorn, I’m so excited. Also started a taco card – I would have filled it a few times by now if I had known about it.

We grabbed Brian when he was done working for the day, and went to take the tram for the first time. Completely worth the $4, we will add that to our list of things we like to show people visiting us. There’s some gorgeous views of the city that I don’t think I’ve seen before, including a great one of Mt St Helen’s and Mt Hood. It’s perhaps not the best thing for someone who has a fear of heights though.

We did the Kennedy School for dinner and sat outside to drink beer. Headed to the Green Dragon to have a beer there too, yum. So much for giving up beer, huh?

The next day, Carrie and I headed up the Gorge. We stopped at Multnomah Falls (well, it *is* traditional), and continued on to the Bonneville Dam. The fish ladder was hopping, and we hung out underneath it trying to get a good picture of a fish swimming by, but we just got some of the little ones. I had fun telling tourists about the fish counter and how that works. We also wandered down to the fish hatchery to oggle Herman the Sturgeon who is 9 or 10 feet long (very prehistoric looking).

On the way back to the house, we stopped at the Vista House, which was finally open when I was there (they are open every day of the year, including holidays, but I seem to get there just as they are closing for the day). I discovered that they have a gift shop there and a cafe, who knew? And of course a pretty spectacular view of the Gorge.

We had an hour to kill before Brian was done with work for the day, so we stopped off in Troutdale at Edgefield to have a beer and an appetizer. Carrie hadn’t known that the phrase “poor farm” came about from a real place, so she was pretty startled to be at a former one and at how large it was. It turns out she’s a fan of the McMenamins’ Ruby beer, so everytime we ended up at one, that’s what she drank. Although she did do a tasters’ tray at the Kennedy School so she got to try quite a few.

My neighbor Mary was a complete sweetheart and had bought us a gift certificate for Jake’s Famous Crawfish so we went there for dinner and had a completely overwhelmingly fabulous meal. We walked around in the Pearl until we felt slightly less full and wandered over to the Pix on N. Williams for yet more food. Carrie had said she was going to be okay if she only gained 10 pounds on this trip, and by God, I wanted to make sure we at least approached it.

Feeling mellow the next day, we walked up and down NW 23rd – Carrie had a present she needed to get, and I had lost an earring I was hoping to replace. Ate at a Chinese restaurant that was blah, won’t be back there anytime soon. I wanted to show Carrie NE Alberta too, since that’s the neighborhood I spend a lot of time in so we did that before going to get our farm share and stuff for dinner.

We grilled seafood that night – eating out every night of the week is apparently expensive and unhealthy. After some fresh strawberry shortcake, we went to Doug Fir to see Per Se, Sophe Lux, and Rachel Taylor Brown. Carrie was not fond of any of them. I liked Per Se a lot, and Sophe Lux had stuff I really liked too – I’d go back to see them, I think. I kept running into Per Se when I’d go to the ladies’ or go get a drink or whatever.

So there. That was the whirlwind tour that I remember, minus some drinks and at least one visit to Por Que No (we went twice, mmmmmmmm). Hopefully enough of a taste that Carrie comes back for another visit.