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The whole world is just brief breaks between ocean

I often think about leaving I.T. for marine biology. If I can ever figure out a way to combine the two, that’s it, I’ll be really deeply happy. Hmmm…I should look into that more.

Anyhow, here’s this:

Giant jellyfish!

This one has 60-foot “arms” called siphonophores! (hat tip to Norm who posted this link first and brought it to my attention)

In other jellyfish news, my friend Amanda sent me the most wonderful painting of a jellyfish that she did, and her super awesome father framed for me (he’s an incredible craftsman, both woodworking and blacksmithing. I need to get his website again and link to him here, he’s made some really incredible things for me). I thought I was going to hang it in our Hall of Doors, but it really wanted to be in our bedroom, which is blue, so I can look at everyday. It has inspired me to re-invent our bedroom with an underwater theme which will do great things for me. I need to take a picture of how we hung it to send to her and I’ll see if she minds if I post the picture here.


Jellyfish tank at the Oregon Aquarium

Jellyfish tank at the Oregon Aquarium

Jellyfish tank at the Oregon Aquarium

While we were on the coast, we bought a membership to the Oregon Aquarium. It means that we can go to it for the next year any time we fancy.

I’m pretty excited about it, I love going and learning about all the animals, and each time Brian and I go tidepooling, I know a little more about what I am looking at and what they are doing.

Tidepooling, if you haven’t done it or looked at my flickr pictures, is climbing around on rocks that are exposed by low tide and looking at the creatures who are in the remaining pools of water, or attached to the rocks. It’s a hobby that rewards patience, the longer and deeper you stare at a pool, the more likely you will see something interesting. A chiton, a sea star, octopus, fish, all sorts of things to find.

You do it carefully too, with an eye on the ocean so that you don’t end up being torn off the rocks by a rogue wave, and an eye on the time so that you leave before the tide starts coming back (and potentially trapping you).

It’s one of my favorite things to do. I am going to get an underwater casing for my camera at some point so that I can try to capture on film some of the more interesting things I see out there.