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Saturday’s hike

We went to Powell Butte for the hike.


I saw my first mountain finder since I moved back here – I’m looking forward to the one on the way to John Day next month. Mountain finders are pointers in the ground that point at each mountain you can see and give you its name. In this case, it also gave you the elevation of the mountain and distance from Powell Butte. Since a storm was moving in, we “only” saw the various buttes, Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Hood. Mt Adams wasn’t visable. Poor us, hehe. Nice to be back by the mountains. That was on the “Mountain View” part of the hike.


I also saw evidence of “spit bugs” which I haven’t really even thought of since I was a kid. I remember learning about them at one point or another, but their real name obviously hasn’t stuck with me. I do remember that you could gently feel around in the spit and eventually find the bug that did it. Brian was slightly disturbed when I pointed that out.


The Mountain View Hike was definitely not long enough for me to count it as that day’s exercise, so we went on the Meadowview trail and branched of on the Old Holgate Road trail. The Old Holgate Road was amazing, going into something old and deeply green and there was no way you felt like you were really in a city anymore (Powell Butte is ten minutes from where we live). It really felt like we were walking on our way to a fairy tale.


The fairy tale feeling was a little more pronounced when we saw various pre-teens jumping off the trail (if you saw what a long drop it was to ground level, you’d understand why we were startled and concerned) and that was followed by a bizarre experience with two men sitting on a pipe on the side of the trail. They were wearing dress pants, button up shirts and smoking. They were also talking very rapidly in what I think was russian, but I could also be talked into some of the eastern europe languages. And listening to angry techno music on some sort device. Okaaaay. It’s a bit of a hike to get to this point, and muddy, so that’s odd, but to each their own. A nod and a smile at them (they mostly just glowered politely) and we continued on.

Annnnnnnnd on the way back,they were still there. Smoking, listening to angry techno, talking rapidly in russian. Fine, fine.

A little way up, we decided to stop, eat an apple and drink some water (we’d been hiking for two or three hours by that point). And here come our techno friends, marching up the hill smoking, talking somberly, and of course, listening to angry techno.

Very strange. Would love to have known why they were hiking in dress clothes and what they were talking about. It really did make me feel like I was in a strange story.