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Random unconnected bits

Interesting weekend so far.

I got an email about my father from one of his friends. So someone whom I’ve never met, tracked me down after 30 odd years after my father’s death, to let me know he has stuff for me. He mailed one of my father’s letters to me, which I’m super excited to get and read. He also told me some stories about my father I’ve never heard. He was my father’s flying partner in the Naval Academy.

He’s also going to make a DVD copy of a home movie that includes my dad. It will be first time I will see how my father held himself, and moved, if that makes any sense. I’m nervous about it, and very, very excited about it. I think Brian is just nervous about it (sometimes I take my parents’ deaths pretty hard, and it’s hard to know what will make me blue about them).

The internet is a wild place – turning up second cousins I didn’t know, who sent me whole branches of a family tree that I missed, letters from my great-grandmother and grandfather, my father’s flying partner, old prom dates, and dear friends I’ve lost for years prior.

Not related to that, Brian and I met my former babysitter (meaning someone who used to babysit me when I was six) for dinner and drinks last night. Discovered that we like the same beers, tv shows and have a lot in common. It was very fun, and hopefully we will do it again soon.

Tonight, we are taking it pretty easy (last night was a late night) and just making black bean and squash empanadas for dinner. Not sure what else we are going to do other than that. Maybe a video game, maybe a movie. My cousin had planned to come visit us today, so we’ve left it open, but had to back out due to the flooding in Washington.

Tomorrow we are going to Katie’s installation, which I am quite looking forward to seeing. We are going to follow that up with a show at Doug Fir, one that includes some of the members of the Portland Cello Project, super awesome.

Additionally today it is my friend Michele’s birthday, and I’m hoping she’s having an awesome time of it. And is not working at more than two of her jobs (I swear she’s the most engaged busy person I know – AND she trains for Ironmen competitions.). I’m thinking of her tonight, cheers, Michele!

Idle thoughts

Why does everyone, including me, hate calling to order pizza? I have never met anyone who actually likes doing that. In fact, when Phil & Cat would come over, the four of us would argue over who “had” to call, and would devise elaborate schemes to get out of calling. Sometimes this would even lead to bids of “I’ll pay if you call.”

It’s not like any pizza person has been particularly threatening, or has wanted to chat for long periods of time. The worst you get is the stoned guy who is a little slow to realize what you want.