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Return to Wisconsin

Just a super last minute quick visit to Wisconsin, with no time to see any friends. But got two hours in Madison, a day or two near Milwaukee, and otherwise in the country (Hustisford, Beaver Dam). I saw deer and red fox! But no pictures of those.

Instead, a picture of the Dr. Evermor birds on Paterson Street:

And had our normal lunch at Harmony Bar of walnut burgers, hot chips with blue cheese, and Madison beer.

Also got to experience some really terrible Milwaukee road construction (seriously, Milwaukee, you can’t close all of your freeway onramps and then have all your detour signs point to also closed onramps. Thankful that I like to get to the airport obnoxiously early or we would have missed our plane!)

But also got to watch a family wait patiently for the red light and then cross the road safely:

From whence I sprang

A really great quote from my great-great-great-grandfather, who moved to Oregon in 1834:

I don’t owe a dollar and I still have four bits in my pocket. I have never sued a man in my life nor have been sued. I have never been arrested – but that ain’t saying I came pretty near it once. A man called me a damn liar, so I knocked him down and when he got up I took after him with a pitchfork; but he outran me. For 50 yards I kept almost near enough to stick the tines into him, but when he looked around and saw how close I was he let out another link and got away. He complained to Judge Boise. I asked for a jury. They cleared me, but one of the jurymen thought I ought to have speeded up a little and stuck him with my hay fork.

— Joseph Yates

My family is awesome.


My aunt, grandmother and mother on the beach in Florida

Just wanted to write this up before I forget to tell my sister about it.

I helped my aunt buy a computer today, and I mentioned that I had been scanning slides. She’s been helping me identify people in the pictures because I don’t always know (they are from the 50s and 60s).

I was trying to figure out where a neat picture of gnomes from 1958 was taken, and we figured out it was either in Circus World in Florida or Knott’s Berry Farm in California. She mentioned that she spent her 12th birthday in Florida. As we were talking about it, she told me the following story.

My mom was just graduating from college and didn’t really want to do the touristy stuff my grandparents and her sister were doing, so she’d stay back at the beach, tanning. My mom loved working on her tan, and maintained a nice one. I got the feeling that my aunt was a little disappointed at the time that my mom wouldn’t go with them (there is quite an age difference between them).

What my mom was actually doing is this – as soon as the rest of the family would leave, she’d dive for sand dollars. She got enough sand dollars so that on my Aunt Sue’s birthday, she spelled “Happy birthday, Susan” on the beach in sand dollars.

It reminds me so much of my mom and of my sister, it choked me up.

No title this time

I just wanted to note that I went to a relative’s site to see if there was any information on his recovery from surgery. There was, and thankfully it looks like he is doing quite well.

However, I wanted to post here because I wanted to say how much I admire Evan – in one of the pictures they’ve posted, he’s wearing the best shirt. It says, quite simply, “FUCK CANCER”

This made me quite happy.