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Yikes, it’s been a while

I know I’ve been neglecting this, I definitely go through times I feel like writing and sharing stuff to not at all.

Last night we went to Doug Fir to see Tango Alpha Tango (Oh Darling opened). It was a good show! My favorite bartender at DF was there, she’s really awesome. That always makes the night go well. T.A.T. didn’t play until around 11:30, and they were taping a video. Fun stuff – I want to know who their guest musicians were, he introduced the singer as his neighbor, but if he said her name, I didn’t catch it. Gorgeous voice, they did a Fleetwood Mac cover.

Let’s see, other news. I’m waiting for one of my closest friends to have her first child and am trying really not to bug her (“any news yet? where’s your son?”). Two other friends are celebrating their marriage today in Madison, and I wish I could be there to cheer them on (they married last year and this is the reception).

I also decided to go back to school full time to get a BS in CS to match my BA. So I’m going to be all about some C++ for a while – it will be strange to work in C++ as it’s somewhat similar to Java but different enough I’m going to have to concentrate. I’ve been studying math like mad for the last few weeks. I haven’t studied math in about 14 years, yikes! I am glad I am doing that too after meeting with the Comp Sci adviser – she told me their Calculus class has a 50% fail rate, and I need three semesters of it. I’m going to be living in the math tutors center, so if you ever need to find me…heh.

It will be great too – I can catch the bus a few blocks from my house and then presto 30 minutes later I’ll be dropped off on campus. I’m trying to think of knitting projects to work on for the commute, assuming I can find a seat on the bus.

Going out

Got to see Whispertown 2000 last night at Doug Fir. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, I’m trying to figure out when the last show we saw there was. Matt Sheedy opened.

Whispertown 2000 was great as usual. They played mostly stuff off of Swim, which I am less familiar with as it is new. I didn’t remember how much they switch up who is playing what, which is fun. They had a great t-shirt that looked like a 70s workout shirt with Swim on one side of the v-neck and Whispertown 2000 on the other. The crowd was a little weird. No one was really watching the show for some reason, and I’m not sure too many people had heard them before. Brian thought it was because they were there for the headliner (Maria Taylor), but a good number of people left before that. Very strange. They played Restless, which is one of my favorite songs.

Brian and I argued about the value of blogging in between sets. He’s decidedly against, both writing and reading.

Tonight Katie and I are going to wander up to Last Thursday to look at art and see what we can see. It’s suppose to be nearly 70, so it should be a pleasant evening. Wish I was in a position to buy a piece or two, although last month’s Last Thursday didn’t have as many people showing as I’d expected.

Random unconnected bits

Interesting weekend so far.

I got an email about my father from one of his friends. So someone whom I’ve never met, tracked me down after 30 odd years after my father’s death, to let me know he has stuff for me. He mailed one of my father’s letters to me, which I’m super excited to get and read. He also told me some stories about my father I’ve never heard. He was my father’s flying partner in the Naval Academy.

He’s also going to make a DVD copy of a home movie that includes my dad. It will be first time I will see how my father held himself, and moved, if that makes any sense. I’m nervous about it, and very, very excited about it. I think Brian is just nervous about it (sometimes I take my parents’ deaths pretty hard, and it’s hard to know what will make me blue about them).

The internet is a wild place – turning up second cousins I didn’t know, who sent me whole branches of a family tree that I missed, letters from my great-grandmother and grandfather, my father’s flying partner, old prom dates, and dear friends I’ve lost for years prior.

Not related to that, Brian and I met my former babysitter (meaning someone who used to babysit me when I was six) for dinner and drinks last night. Discovered that we like the same beers, tv shows and have a lot in common. It was very fun, and hopefully we will do it again soon.

Tonight, we are taking it pretty easy (last night was a late night) and just making black bean and squash empanadas for dinner. Not sure what else we are going to do other than that. Maybe a video game, maybe a movie. My cousin had planned to come visit us today, so we’ve left it open, but had to back out due to the flooding in Washington.

Tomorrow we are going to Katie’s installation, which I am quite looking forward to seeing. We are going to follow that up with a show at Doug Fir, one that includes some of the members of the Portland Cello Project, super awesome.

Additionally today it is my friend Michele’s birthday, and I’m hoping she’s having an awesome time of it. And is not working at more than two of her jobs (I swear she’s the most engaged busy person I know – AND she trains for Ironmen competitions.). I’m thinking of her tonight, cheers, Michele!

Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend was great.

Doug Fir
Per Se at Doug Fir

I had won tickets to a show at Doug Fir on Friday. We got there early enough to get seats behind the bar, which is our favorite place to be. You can see the show, you have access to the bartenders, and you don’t have someone right in front of you. I always seem to end up with some strange smelly jock college guy who is trying to get down someone’s pants right in front of me, and it makes me cranky. So behind the bar rocks for me. Our bartender was great too.

The first band (Scissors for Lefty from San Francisco) was really good, but the sound was off after that for the rest of the night. We weren’t fond of the second band at all, and only our awesome seating kept us there (and even that was close, I had B nearly talked into heading upstairs). We’ve seen Another Cynthia probably five times now, and have both albums, but they must have had an argument with the sound guy because the vocals were way too soft, and everything else was off too. We stayed for a few songs and then went upstairs to have a midnight snack.

Saturday morning our new stove was delivered. We have to get an electrician to move the outlet, and then it will be done. So far I’ve loved cooking in it, and it’s such a relief to be able to prepare food for ourselves again. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Picked up the farmshare, and mostly just hung out and worked on the house the rest of the day.

My birthday proper, B let me sleep in. He was gone when I got up so I drank coffee and played videogames. He came back with my birthday cake:

Voodoo Doughnut birthday cake
Voodoo Doughnut birthday cake with nickel for size comparison.

Two Tex-Ass Voodoo Doughnuts glued together with frosting, then frosted, with Oreos on top. OMG. It’s slightly terrifying and very, very good. And sweet. We are eating slices of it as cake at this point.

He also went totally overboard with presents – he bought a cord for my Casio keyboard so I can start playing piano again, the full 40-DVD set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, puffy Japanese stickers, a stuffed animal Nekobus with a tiny Totoro inside you can take in and out, and a $50 gift card to Powells. Waaaaaaay overboard, I love all of it.

The other oversized thing that happened is that we went to Rogue because I heard that you get something on your birthday. I got a really nice Rogue t-shirt, and a yard of beer. I had to use two hands to drink it! I also discovered you can’t get the I2PA that way, which is good. I2PA has a much higher alcohol content than regular beer, and holy frijole, that’d be just nuts. I went for the Juniper Pale Ale, which tasted creamy after the small glass of I2PA I got.

One yard of Rogue beer, Juniper Pale Ale style, with nickel and a pint for size comparison.

Monday, predictably, was quiet.

I’ll post the CSA box pictures later – I know I’m behind, but I was disillusioned with food when the oven was out of commission.

A long post, or the last five days.

Alright – I know I’ve been quiet again, I will probably be online a little less for a few weeks while my sister and her kids visit. I’ll try to at least post a picture or two occasionally.

We took Carrie to Seattle yesterday to go to the bachelorette party that was technically the reason for her visit. Carrie is one of my best friends, and she was visiting us for the first time from Madison.

We never had enough downtime to actually write, so here’s kind of the overview of what we did.

Saturday, we got up and went to the coast. We took her to Burgerville on the way to get a strawberry milkshake (I got the strawberry lemonade, it’s soooo yummy). Stopped at Mo’s to eat some clam chowder and have a Rogue’s Mo’s Ale. We walked on the beach and looked at the harbor seals, but the beach was pretty crowded so we didn’t stay very long.

We stopped at Boiler Bay – it’s a tradition now, I think.

After that, we went to Yaquina Head lighthouse. I always forget how incredibly windy it is there, moreso than anywhere else on the coast. I have a great picture of Carrie where she looks like she is being blown away, but she didn’t like it so I won’t put it up here. We waited to go to the top of the lighthouse (217 stairs) and found out that there are more lighthouses in Michigan than in anywhere else in the U.S. Hmm.

Yaquina Head has some nice tidepooling, so we did that for a while. It’s nice because you are almost guaranteeded to see something interesting at low tide, so it’s a pretty good place to bring a new person. Tidepooling, if you don’t know what that is, is going to the pools on the rocks that are formed when the tide goes out. All sorts of interesting creatures live there, and like many things in Oregon, the more patient you are, the more you are rewarded. We saw sea stars, mussels, crabs, anemone, barnacles, limpets, snails, a mossy chiton, purple urchin, and probably a lot of other things I’m not remembering now.

We followed that up by going to Seal Rock and then to Newport to get a beer or two at the Rogue Public House. Not too many sea lions in Newport that day, kinda odd.

The following day I drove Carrie around Portland showing her the neighborhoods. We went to the Rose Test Gardens to admire all the sweet smelling roses (lovely), and then we went shopping on Hawthorn. Ate lunch at Por Que No, which is still my favorite place in Portland to eat. I found out they are opening a second restaurant on SE Hawthorn, I’m so excited. Also started a taco card – I would have filled it a few times by now if I had known about it.

We grabbed Brian when he was done working for the day, and went to take the tram for the first time. Completely worth the $4, we will add that to our list of things we like to show people visiting us. There’s some gorgeous views of the city that I don’t think I’ve seen before, including a great one of Mt St Helen’s and Mt Hood. It’s perhaps not the best thing for someone who has a fear of heights though.

We did the Kennedy School for dinner and sat outside to drink beer. Headed to the Green Dragon to have a beer there too, yum. So much for giving up beer, huh?

The next day, Carrie and I headed up the Gorge. We stopped at Multnomah Falls (well, it *is* traditional), and continued on to the Bonneville Dam. The fish ladder was hopping, and we hung out underneath it trying to get a good picture of a fish swimming by, but we just got some of the little ones. I had fun telling tourists about the fish counter and how that works. We also wandered down to the fish hatchery to oggle Herman the Sturgeon who is 9 or 10 feet long (very prehistoric looking).

On the way back to the house, we stopped at the Vista House, which was finally open when I was there (they are open every day of the year, including holidays, but I seem to get there just as they are closing for the day). I discovered that they have a gift shop there and a cafe, who knew? And of course a pretty spectacular view of the Gorge.

We had an hour to kill before Brian was done with work for the day, so we stopped off in Troutdale at Edgefield to have a beer and an appetizer. Carrie hadn’t known that the phrase “poor farm” came about from a real place, so she was pretty startled to be at a former one and at how large it was. It turns out she’s a fan of the McMenamins’ Ruby beer, so everytime we ended up at one, that’s what she drank. Although she did do a tasters’ tray at the Kennedy School so she got to try quite a few.

My neighbor Mary was a complete sweetheart and had bought us a gift certificate for Jake’s Famous Crawfish so we went there for dinner and had a completely overwhelmingly fabulous meal. We walked around in the Pearl until we felt slightly less full and wandered over to the Pix on N. Williams for yet more food. Carrie had said she was going to be okay if she only gained 10 pounds on this trip, and by God, I wanted to make sure we at least approached it.

Feeling mellow the next day, we walked up and down NW 23rd – Carrie had a present she needed to get, and I had lost an earring I was hoping to replace. Ate at a Chinese restaurant that was blah, won’t be back there anytime soon. I wanted to show Carrie NE Alberta too, since that’s the neighborhood I spend a lot of time in so we did that before going to get our farm share and stuff for dinner.

We grilled seafood that night – eating out every night of the week is apparently expensive and unhealthy. After some fresh strawberry shortcake, we went to Doug Fir to see Per Se, Sophe Lux, and Rachel Taylor Brown. Carrie was not fond of any of them. I liked Per Se a lot, and Sophe Lux had stuff I really liked too – I’d go back to see them, I think. I kept running into Per Se when I’d go to the ladies’ or go get a drink or whatever.

So there. That was the whirlwind tour that I remember, minus some drinks and at least one visit to Por Que No (we went twice, mmmmmmmm). Hopefully enough of a taste that Carrie comes back for another visit.