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Getting out

Neat. Feel like some urban foraging? Here’s a website for Portland where you can put in an address or intersection, and it gives you a google map with all the wild food you can find. Walnuts, pears, chestnuts, blackberries, all sorts of stuff.

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down were fabulous last night. I danced until the very end. I am definitely going to have to see them a bunch more. I also ran into someone I knew from Madison, which was pretty cool, she’s been out here for four years and seems to like it a lot.

Tonight, I am going to see the Nutcracker downtown with some friends. I’m really excited about it because we went to it every year when I lived in Oregon. And then we went to it nearly every year after that until we became stupid cranky teenagers. I saw it a few times after that, but the Madison Nutcracker was really bad. So I’m excited to see the Oregon ballet do it again, it’s definitely going to put me in a Christmas mood.

The Christmas ships are going to be in our part of the Willamette river tonight too, so we should see them as we cross the bridge. I’m still hoping to make a night of seeing them next week so if I do, expect too many pictures. The Christmas ships have been a tradition for 54 years, apparently.