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A long post, or the last five days.

Alright – I know I’ve been quiet again, I will probably be online a little less for a few weeks while my sister and her kids visit. I’ll try to at least post a picture or two occasionally.

We took Carrie to Seattle yesterday to go to the bachelorette party that was technically the reason for her visit. Carrie is one of my best friends, and she was visiting us for the first time from Madison.

We never had enough downtime to actually write, so here’s kind of the overview of what we did.

Saturday, we got up and went to the coast. We took her to Burgerville on the way to get a strawberry milkshake (I got the strawberry lemonade, it’s soooo yummy). Stopped at Mo’s to eat some clam chowder and have a Rogue’s Mo’s Ale. We walked on the beach and looked at the harbor seals, but the beach was pretty crowded so we didn’t stay very long.

We stopped at Boiler Bay – it’s a tradition now, I think.

After that, we went to Yaquina Head lighthouse. I always forget how incredibly windy it is there, moreso than anywhere else on the coast. I have a great picture of Carrie where she looks like she is being blown away, but she didn’t like it so I won’t put it up here. We waited to go to the top of the lighthouse (217 stairs) and found out that there are more lighthouses in Michigan than in anywhere else in the U.S. Hmm.

Yaquina Head has some nice tidepooling, so we did that for a while. It’s nice because you are almost guaranteeded to see something interesting at low tide, so it’s a pretty good place to bring a new person. Tidepooling, if you don’t know what that is, is going to the pools on the rocks that are formed when the tide goes out. All sorts of interesting creatures live there, and like many things in Oregon, the more patient you are, the more you are rewarded. We saw sea stars, mussels, crabs, anemone, barnacles, limpets, snails, a mossy chiton, purple urchin, and probably a lot of other things I’m not remembering now.

We followed that up by going to Seal Rock and then to Newport to get a beer or two at the Rogue Public House. Not too many sea lions in Newport that day, kinda odd.

The following day I drove Carrie around Portland showing her the neighborhoods. We went to the Rose Test Gardens to admire all the sweet smelling roses (lovely), and then we went shopping on Hawthorn. Ate lunch at Por Que No, which is still my favorite place in Portland to eat. I found out they are opening a second restaurant on SE Hawthorn, I’m so excited. Also started a taco card – I would have filled it a few times by now if I had known about it.

We grabbed Brian when he was done working for the day, and went to take the tram for the first time. Completely worth the $4, we will add that to our list of things we like to show people visiting us. There’s some gorgeous views of the city that I don’t think I’ve seen before, including a great one of Mt St Helen’s and Mt Hood. It’s perhaps not the best thing for someone who has a fear of heights though.

We did the Kennedy School for dinner and sat outside to drink beer. Headed to the Green Dragon to have a beer there too, yum. So much for giving up beer, huh?

The next day, Carrie and I headed up the Gorge. We stopped at Multnomah Falls (well, it *is* traditional), and continued on to the Bonneville Dam. The fish ladder was hopping, and we hung out underneath it trying to get a good picture of a fish swimming by, but we just got some of the little ones. I had fun telling tourists about the fish counter and how that works. We also wandered down to the fish hatchery to oggle Herman the Sturgeon who is 9 or 10 feet long (very prehistoric looking).

On the way back to the house, we stopped at the Vista House, which was finally open when I was there (they are open every day of the year, including holidays, but I seem to get there just as they are closing for the day). I discovered that they have a gift shop there and a cafe, who knew? And of course a pretty spectacular view of the Gorge.

We had an hour to kill before Brian was done with work for the day, so we stopped off in Troutdale at Edgefield to have a beer and an appetizer. Carrie hadn’t known that the phrase “poor farm” came about from a real place, so she was pretty startled to be at a former one and at how large it was. It turns out she’s a fan of the McMenamins’ Ruby beer, so everytime we ended up at one, that’s what she drank. Although she did do a tasters’ tray at the Kennedy School so she got to try quite a few.

My neighbor Mary was a complete sweetheart and had bought us a gift certificate for Jake’s Famous Crawfish so we went there for dinner and had a completely overwhelmingly fabulous meal. We walked around in the Pearl until we felt slightly less full and wandered over to the Pix on N. Williams for yet more food. Carrie had said she was going to be okay if she only gained 10 pounds on this trip, and by God, I wanted to make sure we at least approached it.

Feeling mellow the next day, we walked up and down NW 23rd – Carrie had a present she needed to get, and I had lost an earring I was hoping to replace. Ate at a Chinese restaurant that was blah, won’t be back there anytime soon. I wanted to show Carrie NE Alberta too, since that’s the neighborhood I spend a lot of time in so we did that before going to get our farm share and stuff for dinner.

We grilled seafood that night – eating out every night of the week is apparently expensive and unhealthy. After some fresh strawberry shortcake, we went to Doug Fir to see Per Se, Sophe Lux, and Rachel Taylor Brown. Carrie was not fond of any of them. I liked Per Se a lot, and Sophe Lux had stuff I really liked too – I’d go back to see them, I think. I kept running into Per Se when I’d go to the ladies’ or go get a drink or whatever.

So there. That was the whirlwind tour that I remember, minus some drinks and at least one visit to Por Que No (we went twice, mmmmmmmm). Hopefully enough of a taste that Carrie comes back for another visit.

Carrie’s visit

Having a blast – going non-stop from morning until the wee hours. So far we’ve done the coast (Lincoln City and Newport), the Gorge (Multnomah Falls, Vista House and the Bonneville Dam) and up Mt Hood to the Timberline.

We’ve spent a good amount of time wandering Portland to show her the places we liked to get great beer and we’ve been feeding her well too – we’ve eaten great seafood every single day.

So I’ll probably be quiet until Saturday, there’s been very little downtime to be on the internet!

Lime Rodeo

We got up early to go to the PSU farmers’ market. We wanted to have some good fruit and veggies on hand for when Carrrie arrives tonight.

Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread was there and sold me a loaf of Powerseed. I had promised Dean to get a picture of Dave but it was pretty busy at that point and I got too oddly shy to ask him if he’d pose for a picture, so the above blurry shot was all that I got.

Some people are awed when they see a rock star; I’m apparently awed when I see my farmer (Richard from Harmony Valley), my cheesemaker (Farmer John!) or my baker (Dave’s Killer Bread). Yeah, I’m a little dorky, I guess. I’d rather be happy about stuff like that than not notice anything so there.

If you haven’t read Dave and his family’s story, you should, it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t tried the bread yet, poor soul, you should, it’s awesome. And if you don’t live in Portland, Oregon, maybe you should come visit me so that you can try some.

We also swung by the grocery store to grab some non-IPA beer for Carrie – we went with Bridgeport’s Stumptown Tart which is a Belgium that is brewed with Marionberries and fermented in Pinot Noir casks. O lord. Super yumminess. Also some limes so we can make mojitos (our mint plant is already tall enough for many drinks) and gin and tonic.

Hopefully I will get a few good shots while Carrie is here; I’ll post them on my flickr account!

Quieting back and looking forward to Carrie

Stupid back. I’ve been super focused on getting into shape and losing some weight so that I can get back into my favorite summer clothes.

Up until now, it’s been great, I feel better, I breath better, hiking is nicer. But last week I overdid things when I upgraded to heavier weights for my strength training, and not lowered the number of sets. I know better than that, I do. So sometime this week, I managed to pull a muscle in my back which has entirely derailed all my plans for the week and brought the exercise to screeching halt. ARRRGH. I can tell that more than not going to downtown to see the ships for Fleet week, or having to skip the hike we had planned for this weekend, just losing the level of activity I had grown accustomed to (pilates nearly every day, walking hills nearly every day, lifting weights, yoga, hiking) is driving me nuts. I want to be out exploring, I want to be walking.

With a good amount of Advil, I can sit upright now, but getting up HURTS and rolling over from my back to my side, ow.

So I’m quiet again because really, sitting here on the computer isn’t generating awesome adventures to write on here. However, I’ve been working on migrating this over to a newer, fancier, hopefully prettier webpage which I will let you all know about soon. Carrie, you are going to have to resubscribe to the RSS feed when that happens, sorry :)

Speaking of Carrie, she’s here for a visit in about one week, I am getting super excited. I miss her massive amounts – she was my go-to person for randomly calling up and saying “hey, you want to go —” and she’d nearly always be up for it. No matter how random or late it was. I foresee many long days and late nights next week – she’s not usually willing to call it quits for the night just because it’s late, and I’m not working for The Man yet so we won’t have a reason to stop early.