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Do you know Ed Emberly? Did you grow up with him as I did? When I was a kid, I had so many of his books, and it was my secret ambition to do a drawing that incorporated all of the cool elements from his Make a World book.

So if you don’t know him, check out his books from the library or even just page through them when you are at a bookstore.

Books to read

A nice article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on books to read about the Pacific Northwest, both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve read a number of them, and the rest of them have just gone on my Hold queue at Multnomah County Library.

Am planning on writing on here hopefully more frequently. Between a really nasty cold that put me out of the running for over two weeks and some bouts of a minor depression, I haven’t wanted to document a lot of complaints :)

Lost in thought

Accuracy, a building on NE Alberta Street.

Kicking around opening an Etsy store. I have some odds and ends of things I’ve been making that it occurs to me could go up for sale where people could see them rather than sit in a drawer where I look at them for a while and think, huh, I should give that to someone. It would also encourage me to be more creative again, something I have huge bouts of and then drop again for a while.

I have an Etsy account for commenting right now that is under my full name, and I wouldn’t want that to be my shop name, so I’m trying to come up with something I like. Ideas?

Also, I’ve discovered I’m completely lousy at keeping my book page up to date on here, so I’m setting it to private so that I’m not embarrassed by how it looks (I read much, much more than that would lead you to believe). I think I’m going to use it to keep simply keep track of whether or not I liked it and maybe a thought or two. If I get to the point where I’m consistent with it again, I’ll set it back to public.

I played piano for two and a half hours today and now my wrists hurt a little. I can definitely see improvement already!

Also, we went to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of something today, and the guy who owns it told a story to us. Which was funny, because it was pretty clear I subconsciously made him think of the story. That’s because the story was about me, but he didn’t quite remember that part. Heh. Brian says I owe him because he didn’t rat me out.

Odd facts about our house.

Glass doorknob with skeleton keyhole.

When I was a kid, I had a Dr. Seuss book called My Book about Me that you filled in with facts about yourself, your house, your neighbors and friends. A neat book, still in print, go get it for your nieces, nephews, sons and daughters. I still have mine, all filled in.

One of the things it had in it were spots for things like how many forks you have in your house. Or light switches.

So this kinda reminds me of that, but I just counted, out of curiosity: the lower level of our house has eleven interior doors, not counting the folding ones leading to the sunroom. It also has two exterior doors, not counting the two once you are in the mudroom leading to the back. Most of the interior doors have glass door knobs and skeleton keys to lock them. Yes, we have the skeleton keys, and yes, they work. I kept our spooky basement locked the entire time that Brian was at his Dad’s in northern Wisconsin. Why risk the boogie man? C’mon!