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Going out

Got to see Whispertown 2000 last night at Doug Fir. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, I’m trying to figure out when the last show we saw there was. Matt Sheedy opened.

Whispertown 2000 was great as usual. They played mostly stuff off of Swim, which I am less familiar with as it is new. I didn’t remember how much they switch up who is playing what, which is fun. They had a great t-shirt that looked like a 70s workout shirt with Swim on one side of the v-neck and Whispertown 2000 on the other. The crowd was a little weird. No one was really watching the show for some reason, and I’m not sure too many people had heard them before. Brian thought it was because they were there for the headliner (Maria Taylor), but a good number of people left before that. Very strange. They played Restless, which is one of my favorite songs.

Brian and I argued about the value of blogging in between sets. He’s decidedly against, both writing and reading.

Tonight Katie and I are going to wander up to Last Thursday to look at art and see what we can see. It’s suppose to be nearly 70, so it should be a pleasant evening. Wish I was in a position to buy a piece or two, although last month’s Last Thursday didn’t have as many people showing as I’d expected.

Lost in thought

Accuracy, a building on NE Alberta Street.

Kicking around opening an Etsy store. I have some odds and ends of things I’ve been making that it occurs to me could go up for sale where people could see them rather than sit in a drawer where I look at them for a while and think, huh, I should give that to someone. It would also encourage me to be more creative again, something I have huge bouts of and then drop again for a while.

I have an Etsy account for commenting right now that is under my full name, and I wouldn’t want that to be my shop name, so I’m trying to come up with something I like. Ideas?

Also, I’ve discovered I’m completely lousy at keeping my book page up to date on here, so I’m setting it to private so that I’m not embarrassed by how it looks (I read much, much more than that would lead you to believe). I think I’m going to use it to keep simply keep track of whether or not I liked it and maybe a thought or two. If I get to the point where I’m consistent with it again, I’ll set it back to public.

I played piano for two and a half hours today and now my wrists hurt a little. I can definitely see improvement already!

Also, we went to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of something today, and the guy who owns it told a story to us. Which was funny, because it was pretty clear I subconsciously made him think of the story. That’s because the story was about me, but he didn’t quite remember that part. Heh. Brian says I owe him because he didn’t rat me out.

Two interesting links

First, here’s a map someone at very small array put together showing by state, the places mentioned in “Missed Connections” for Craigslist, broken down by Male for Male, Male for Woman, Woman for Male and Woman for Woman.

Notably, Oregon has New Seasons for one, which cracked me up. (New Seasons is the local sustainable organic grocery store that Brian and I like and shop at. And which has now caused me to boycott Whole Foods, for those of you checking in from a distance)

I am also sad that one of Wisconsin’s was Walmart. Booo hisssss.

Also notable are the blanks for woman for woman – some states not represented. Not cool man, not cool.

Second link posted to a website I frequent (warning, a short video, probably with music but I watched it muted): Notebook.

There you go. Two things that made me happy on the internet.

What I did today

Iraq Names Project

Iraq Names Project

Today, when Brian and I realized we no longer own a meat thermometer, we went to go get one.

As we walked out of our house, we realized that the Iraq Names Project had made it to our block. We went on a nearly futile quest to get a thermometer (sold out everywhere that is open. We ended up with a $20 digital thermometer, which will be o-so-helpful for people who cook meat a maximum of one day per year).

When we got back, I went outside to see if they wanted a cup of tea. Nancy said no, but Dan said he’d like some.

When I brought the tea out, I introduced myself and mentioned that I have been following the project and their progress. I said I was both happy to see them in our neighborhood and sad that they had to make it this far.

Nancy asked if I’d like to help them, and very kindly let me fill in a name or two.

They are very nice people, and the project, as I’ve mentioned before, is sobering, especially when you look on a map and see how far they’ve come.

They do this each day, in the morning before work and on the weekends. It’s Thanksgiving, and they are out there working on it today.

I’m glad I got to meet them.