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Bar bar bar

Do you have a sound you make in your head when you are reading something in an alphabet that you can’t read? I do, it’s something like berpkshinka, berpishinka. I understand why the word barbarian supposedly came into being (supposedly it’s because the foreigners were perceived as not being able to talk, just saying bar bar bar).

Also, with the exception of fall leaves, I hate the color yellow. I’m not sure if it’s from the Charlotte Perkins Gilman story I read so many years ago, or for some other reason, but I do.

That’s all the random bits I meant to post on here.


Is anyone else getting really tired of seeing glaring misspellings on news websites and in newspapers? I understand that occasionally, typos go unnoticed by editors, but the rate at which I see this happening, it’s definitely more than that.

If you make your living from writing, learn when to use each version of there: “there” “their” “they’re”. Same thing with all the “your” “you’re”. Tenant is spelled with one “N.” “Argument” does not have an “E” after the “U.” If you just can’t understand the rules for this, find a friend who does understand it, and have them read your work before you send it to press.

I’m not trying to be someone who is obsessed with pointing out each little mistake to rub it in someone’s face, but news websites should have someone reading their copy before it goes live. Completely rediculous (heh, kidding).