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More walking

View from the Cascade Head trail.

View from the Cascade Head trail.

It was a pretty good weekend.

Friday night, we walked down to Moon and Sixpence in Hollywood for a beer or two. The bartender there that night was super nice – I really have to make myself sit at the bar more rather than at a table because I like talking to people. After we were there, we decided to walk back on Broadway. Which meant that we needed to stop off for a snack. One plate of nachos, jalepeno poppers and a jalepeno-infused blood orange margarita later, and we continued our walk. Nice that we can walk to so many neighborhood from our house, depending on mood. All in all, we walked for about an hour and a half.

Saturday was pretty mellow – Brian had some work to wrap up and I wandered over to the Hollywood farmers’ market. Not so much my thing, I’ll head back to the PSU one next week. We cooked out, and that’s about that.

Sunday we got up and went to a hike on the coast. I had a few planned out, but the first made it difficult to determine how to get the day pass, so I’m going to do more research before we try it.

The next one we wanted to do – Harts Cover – turned out to be difficult to find (unmarked road to the trail off of Hwy 101). We eventually found the turn-off, but it’s not open for the season yet.

Brian just past some tree hazards on Cascade Head trail.

Brian just past some tree hazards on Cascade Head trail.

While we were looking for Forest Road 1861, we found a different trail – Cascade Head, and that ended up being the trail we took. Afterwards, we found out that it was closed due to tree hazards, but someone had torn the sign down and tossed it off the trail. We walked along a stream which provided a great background to a nice forest hike. Eventually, we came to the tree hazard – there were a lot of trees down, probably from the huge windstorm we had last year. There were a good number over the trail, and we limbo’d under them or jumped over them when possible.

Trail interuption.

Trail interuption.

Evenually, after a few switchbacks, the trail was gone, eaten by a tree. We could see the tree down the slope, and after carefully finding some footing, we navigated our way across the gaping hole left in its wake. It was pretty slippery, and with a good drop to the left of us, it was definitely dangerous. We continued climbing for a bit, and then came upon another gaping hole – the one was probably four or five times the size of the last. We could see a not-too-easy way for us to get across it, but at this point, it sounded like a good time to turn around and head back to the car so we’d have some time to play on the beach.

There had been a car parked by mine when we started up the trail, and we didn’t pass anyone so I was surprised to see it gone when we got back to the trailhead. Brian was not surprised, as he noticed the underwear they left behind, which lead us to a spirited conversation about why you always see that people leave their underwear behind. I don’t get that at all – I can’t imagine hiking in remote areas with nothing particularly protecting my more delicate bits.

After noticing where a car had driven off the road down the mountain slope toward the stream (a long time ago), we hit the road. It’s eery seeing a detached bench carseat snugged up against a stand of trees, and when Brian pointed out the bits of the hood that were still left in one of the trees, I vowed to drive even more carefully than normal. Yikes.

We didn’t do a lot more on the coast. We drove down towards Newport, and pulled over at Beverly Beach. We saw two whales closer to the shore than I’ve ever seen them before – they were right on the line where the waves start to break, and they looked big enough to be greys, so I’m not sure what that’s about – have any of you read about that behavior before? They were there long enough for us to see three or so bursts of air, maybe 10 minutes. Very strange, and it didn’t look like the water would be deep enough for them there, but maybe there was a drop-off we couldn’t see.

So all in all a good weekend – an urban hike, a coastal forest one, and whales.

New life

An auspicious day – my cousin Steve and Sheila had their baby today, a little boy. They are evenly balanced now, two boys and two girls so now that’s it!

Continuing the theme of making me smile because people I love are having little ones for me to smile at, our friends Marcio and Abby had a little girl today! YAY! I know I normally don’t post about babies (not so much my thing) but it does genuinely make me happy that people I think are intelligent, fun, good-hearted and nice are having children who will be loved and raised right. Woot!

Only other thing I have is that while I haven’t got back into the routine of weight lifting and yoga and pilates (but I’m working towards it), I did walk 6 miles yesterday. Now, two of those miles were to go get a beer or two, but still! Progress. I’m looking at a good hike for sometime this week, a new place definitely.

Now. Off to walk two miles today. Anyone know how many steps in a mile? I’m curious if I did the stereotypical 10,000 steps yesterday, but I haven’t found a pedometer I like yet.

Good walk

Brian in the sand

Brian in the sand

This was probably my favorite walk that I remember in a very long time. We walked down to Nye beach by the stairs outside Sylvia Beach Hotel.

The temperatures had dropped enough during the night that the cars in the parking lot were encrusted in frost. Brian took the time to write “Defrost Me” on my trunk. It was completely sunny out, and brisk enough that I was happy to have a hoody and windbreaker on but also happy that my cheeks were getting cold.

We walked from Nye Beach to the jetty. Not sure how far of a distance that is as the crow flies, but there and back was about a two hour walk. We were really just heading to the nearby rocks to see if there were any interesting tidepools (not really).

Once we explored the nearby rocks, we decided to keep walking. After a while, we came upon some small sand dunes, and I realized you could see Newport’s bridge off in the distance between the trees. So we had to take pictures from various vantages.

Climbing sand dunes is usually pretty hard work, but it had been cold enough the night before that the sand was slightly frozen, making it very easy. Strange to see the frost on the sand.

After getting a few pictures there, we walked to the jetty. We could see that there was a gate and fence on it shortly before it met the ocean. It doesn’t surprise me that they want to keep people off it – on one side is a long drop to the bay (and cold winter waters) and eventually on the other is the ocean, with high crashing waves just looking to tear you from the jetty.

The chainlink gate was covered with things people had found on the beach, netting, small weights, rope, styrofoam, and a few dried flowers. Very interesting and artistic. I took a few pictures of that too, but none of them really turned out – I’ll have to go again to get a good shot or two.

We found a great little deli after we got back – I want to try it next time (we stopped in only to get some water).

We of course followed this walk by a short drive and more walking – we went tidepooling next.