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The Horror

Dr Evermor sculpture
Dr. Evermor sculpture of a spider. Or bug.

A few weeks ago, when I was driving around town, I noticed some weird little white dots on the rubber on the driver’s side mirror on my car. When they were perhaps half a centimeter or so. When I had a chance, I rolled down the window and took a closer look at them, and realized they were some sort of egg. Ewwwwwww. The passenger’s side had them too. I took a small stick and scraped them off and then jumped up and down on the stick until I felt better. Whew.

The next day, there was one more. Didn’t stress about it, scraped it off and all is good.

Yesterday, when we were opening the trunk to put away groceries from Fubonn, Brian suddenly said sharply, “Watch out!”

It took me a minute to realize that there was a spider a few inches from my hand. It was a mean looking one – about the size of a big toe’s toenail, and it was brown, and patterned, and a little furry. It was the largest spider I’ve seen outside of a pet store, I think.

Brian quickly grabbed a leaf, handily stored in the crevase between my trunk and the outside of my car and squashed it.

And then he said (I actually don’t remember his exact exclamation, but I’ll say it was this), “Oh my god…” and pointed. To the hundreds and hundreds of little white eggs all around the rim of my trunk door on the rubber. So many of them.

And then he pointed out that they were all around the seals on the backseat doors.

And then, and somehow just compounding the horror, he slowly opened the passenger door on the front seat. And pointed out how they were all over the door on the metal (so maybe not inside? I’m going with that, so don’t disabuse me of that notion).

It took everything he had to prevent me from calling a cab and abandoning my much-beloved (until now!) car in the Fubonn parking lot. He also had to talk me out of perching on the armrest in the center of the front seat and making him drive home. And that talk was followed by a long lecture about how I couldn’t sell my nice dependable paid-off car just because of a few thousand spider eggs.


This is definitely filed under the “things I didn’t know were a possibility, and would have been better off never learning.”

I know I’ve put off washing my car for a while (I need to find supplies that won’t kill everything in sight, and I didn’t want to spend the money on going to a car wash) but holy shit. Not. cool.

Brian, on the other hand, is much braver and cooler than I am. He is currently at the car wash, having called them and talked them into cleaning all the spider eggs off my car.