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No turns!

Oh, and classic:

I had just finished telling Carrie about how Portland doesn’t let you turn left usually, when we got stuck at a green light because someone was trying to turn left off W Burnside directly under a “No Turns” sign.

I was waiting fairly patiently – Carrie mentioned she would have honked by now, but I couldn’t tell if traffic was just backed up or if someone was making an illegal turn, and I didn’t want to be a dick to the guy in front of me who wasn’t involved.

Just then, traffic coming the other way met up with us, and this guy in a truck, probably 50 or so, sticks his head calmly out the window to the illegal turner-guy and yells, politely, “There’s no turns here!” in a you-are-being-an-asshole sort of way.

At which point we finally got to move :)