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Birthday weekend

My birthday weekend was great.

Doug Fir
Per Se at Doug Fir

I had won tickets to a show at Doug Fir on Friday. We got there early enough to get seats behind the bar, which is our favorite place to be. You can see the show, you have access to the bartenders, and you don’t have someone right in front of you. I always seem to end up with some strange smelly jock college guy who is trying to get down someone’s pants right in front of me, and it makes me cranky. So behind the bar rocks for me. Our bartender was great too.

The first band (Scissors for Lefty from San Francisco) was really good, but the sound was off after that for the rest of the night. We weren’t fond of the second band at all, and only our awesome seating kept us there (and even that was close, I had B nearly talked into heading upstairs). We’ve seen Another Cynthia probably five times now, and have both albums, but they must have had an argument with the sound guy because the vocals were way too soft, and everything else was off too. We stayed for a few songs and then went upstairs to have a midnight snack.

Saturday morning our new stove was delivered. We have to get an electrician to move the outlet, and then it will be done. So far I’ve loved cooking in it, and it’s such a relief to be able to prepare food for ourselves again. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Picked up the farmshare, and mostly just hung out and worked on the house the rest of the day.

My birthday proper, B let me sleep in. He was gone when I got up so I drank coffee and played videogames. He came back with my birthday cake:

Voodoo Doughnut birthday cake
Voodoo Doughnut birthday cake with nickel for size comparison.

Two Tex-Ass Voodoo Doughnuts glued together with frosting, then frosted, with Oreos on top. OMG. It’s slightly terrifying and very, very good. And sweet. We are eating slices of it as cake at this point.

He also went totally overboard with presents – he bought a cord for my Casio keyboard so I can start playing piano again, the full 40-DVD set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, puffy Japanese stickers, a stuffed animal Nekobus with a tiny Totoro inside you can take in and out, and a $50 gift card to Powells. Waaaaaaay overboard, I love all of it.

The other oversized thing that happened is that we went to Rogue because I heard that you get something on your birthday. I got a really nice Rogue t-shirt, and a yard of beer. I had to use two hands to drink it! I also discovered you can’t get the I2PA that way, which is good. I2PA has a much higher alcohol content than regular beer, and holy frijole, that’d be just nuts. I went for the Juniper Pale Ale, which tasted creamy after the small glass of I2PA I got.

One yard of Rogue beer, Juniper Pale Ale style, with nickel and a pint for size comparison.

Monday, predictably, was quiet.

I’ll post the CSA box pictures later – I know I’m behind, but I was disillusioned with food when the oven was out of commission.

The coast with my family

Great time at the coast with Gretchen and the kids. We stayed at Inn at Otter Crest again, and while we really think with the exception of the bellhop and one other guy, the service is completely lousy (making me think twice about buying a unit), the room was quite nice and I love being able to walk down to the Devil’s Punchbowl.

We played frisby on the beach. I tried to do cartwheels and discovered I am no longer able (I think I’m a bit more top-heavy than the last time I tried. I know. I’m working on it.) so I will stretch much more and watch my diet closer and hopefully be able to do it this time next year.

We went swimming, even Brian. I don’t remember the last time he went swimming with me, it was sooooo much fun. Maggie ask him to throw her, and she went sailing halfway across the pool, it was soooooo awesome!! Matt asked for the same, but I think Brian realized his strength at that point, so he didn’t throw as far. I hope I can continue to talk him into at least occasionally swimming with me / us, it was really neat to see him swimming again. Even if he could standing in the deepend unlike the rest of us.

We ate at the Flying Dutchman, which was good. The next day we ate Mo’s (of course) and then went to Rogue for pizza and beer (root beer in the case of Maggie and Matt). Mmmmm. Otherwise we really just read, listened to the ocean, wrote in journals, swam and walked on the beach.

O! We did make it to some terrific tidepools on Devil’s Punchbowl’s beach (the marine garden side, not the surfer side). It was a negative tide and even though we were a little late to it, we got waaay out. The highlights were seeing a new anenome (pictured above, I usually see the light green ones on the coast, and the pink tipped ones just in aquariums) and an octopus!! I was so excited by the latter, I haven’t seen an octopus in a tidepool since I was a kid.

It was also nice to see these tidepools recover – the last time we had done any serious tidepooling there, they had been overcome by urchins, which is usually a sign of an unhealthy tidepool. Also saw two new crabs, which I took pictures of for my flickr pool so that I could identify them.

That’s the coast update. Maggie and Matt realized that other than family, I love the Oregon coast best.