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I’ve been putting off writing in hopes that I’d find my camera cord – I have a bunch of pictures I want to put on this thing, but no way of getting them to my computer. Eventually I’ll figure out which box into which it was packed, along with my cabbie hat and then will post a backlog of things.

Went up to Mt Hood with Michele, Dean, Brian and Jess today. Michele did a run that was about six miles, straight up the mountain in mist and out-and-out rain. Through the snow too. If I ever had any doubts about what a strong person she is, this would clear them. She is definitely determined and fit and strong. Good for her :) Glad I got to be there to see it. Wish it had been a little warmer for her, but she did great either way.

I’ve been completely exhausted from moving / fighting the fever from the scratches I got. I’ve also been going to bed too late and getting up too early, which has made my days more lethargic than I’d like, and made me terribly disorganized (never a good thing socially, and not at all good when unpacking).

I cannot wait for the day that I never had to speak to my ex-landlady again. She is not a good person as far as I can tell, and I am certain she is going to try to pull something with the security deposit. I’m hopeful that she won’t – I took tons of pictures of how nasty and dirty the place was when I moved in (there was rotting chicken in the freezer, and bits of ham and chocolate under the stove, it was soooooo gross. The rugs smelled sooooo bad. Etc.) While I am still jobhunting, I definitely have time to go to court over this, and if we do that, we will go after the money she owes us from removing access to 1/3 of our house this spring. So I’m hopeful she is smart and returns our security deposit. We cleaned for well over 12 hours, including getting a steam cleaner for the carpets, the place shined and smelled good unlike when we moved into it.

However, today she had the gall to ask us if we stole the patio furniture – she said she looked at a listing from when she bought the house and saw them in it. SIGH. Luckily, I know where the listing pictures are, and grabbed them. The patio furniture in it is a completely different shape – it has benches and not chairs, and the table has Xs for legs, rather than four legs like ours. The only thing it shares is a similar color. It’s constantly like this with her. Brian and I bought material to make curtains from Bolt for the lower level (we spent a good amount too) and when we no longer had access to the lower level, I brought them upstairs thinking we could find a way to reuse them. She wasn’t too pleased by that – I can’t imagine why she thought we’d donate our curtains to her. I’m going to make some of them into a pretty skirt for myself and the rest into pillows I think.

So that’s what motivated me to write tonight – I felt like if I didn’t type up the silliness about the patio furniture I would just obsess about it all night which would be no good. So there. Back to other things and hopefully less worrying about stuff.

Good landlords are a thing of beauty; bad ones are of hell

Looks like our holiday weekend will be spent with our landlady’s minions doing something that requires a sledgehammer in our basement, I mean the lower level apartment, and noise like you wouldn’t believe. The worker is definitely demolishing something (please don’t let it be the structural support, please don’t let it be the structural support) and causing the house to shake to the point that I am going to take the artwork down from the walls and am trying to figure out what to do about the expensive crystal glasses I see shaking with each BOOM BOOM BOOM. I am probably going to have to go down to that apartment and ask WTF they are doing to make sure they won’t damage our stuff any further than they did that last time.

12 days and counting! Maybe I should convert it to hours; maybe that’d help me get through this. It’s going to be a long bad weekend with this noise, maybe I will think of the worst music I can blare to make me feel better.

We have a mailslot in our kitchen, doesn’t everyone?

Mailslot in our kitchen. Sob.
Our landlady, as most of you know, has taken it in her head to turn the bungalow we have been living in into a duplex. So now, instead of having three floors of living space, we now have 1 1/2, as well as a downstairs neighbor named Ross.

As part of this, she has had her contractors frame and wall off the interior hallway between our kitchen and dining room. Whatever.

However, I was genuinely shocked when her contractor installed a mailslot in our kitchen. See, the downstairs doesn’t have a seperate address, so there’s nowhere to send the mail for that guy. So his mail comes with our mail, which is deposited through our exterior mailslot. We then are expected to sort it, and take his stuff into our kitchen and shoot it through his mailslot, which puts it in his hallway. Glad our mail isn’t handled that way, I’m way too paranoid to have checks delivered to random strangers and just hope that they are honest enough to deliver it to us. The new guy is pretty lucky he got Brian and I as upstairs neighbors rather than some crazy person.


Anyway, I’m in the middle of uploading some pictures I took to flickr, if you check out my stream sometimes.

Also, Mt Hood is burning:

Mt Hood on fire
Mt Hood on fire.

Don’t worry, it’s not near the Timberline, although it is threatening another historical hotel. It’s grown to about 800 acres and is called the Gnarl fire. Sparked by lightening, it grew much larger due to the hot (over 100 degrees) weather we’ve had for the past three days.