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Not so neighborly, a new restaurant and learning to ride.

The neighbor I don’t like (and boy do I have a lot of reasons) is having a rummage sale today in his front yard. I’m having ethical debates with myself about it. I really want to run out and warn the poor people that are buying his crap that the velvet furniture has sat outside in the rain for the last few months (they use the velvet furniture to sit outside and smoke and drink). I’m going to be good and not do it, but I do feel really sorry for whomever buys the furniture, can you imagine what creepy crawlies are in it?

In other news, I ended up walking up to Alberta St twice yesterday. Once for a good wander and once to go get some drinks and dinner with Brian.

We decided to try out Branch Whisky Bar. It is in the location that Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill was originally, and I believe the man who owns Branch was the former chef for ASOBG. Really like the feel in the place altogether, and our waitress rocked. The have (unsurprisingly) a lot of whisky, including tasting trays (yowza!). I didn’t want to drink whisky with my meal, so I tried a Rye beer by Upright Brewing (the brewers in Left Bank).

I’ve tried two of their beers now and really have like both of them. This one was unusual – Brian said that it reminded him of Duchess – and I don’t know if I’d want to drink it all night but I really liked it. Brian got a whisky (can’t remember now which one) which was an Irish single malt.

We had burgers for dinner which were very tall, featuring house-made bacon and what appeared to be house-made pickles – both pickles for the burger and a pickle spear on the side. The side dish was potato salad, which was very good – not a mayo potato salad, which I can’t stand, but a homemade German potato salad. It was all very good, and too much food for me (even though I kinda finished the plate). After dinner, I tried their whisky sour. Super awesomeness – both Brian and I liked it even better than my whiskey sours. Definitely will wander back here again – the food menu is very limited (I think the burger was the only thing on it that appealed to me) but I’ll be back for drinks for sure.

Today, we get to go to Polish fest, I’m super excited. We are going to take the bus there so we don’t have to worry about driving back. It will be my first time aboard Max! Wish me luck. I haven’t been able to pick up my bus pass from PSU as it goes onto your PSU ID and mine doesn’t have my picture yet. Will try to write about all this tomorrow, if I’m not distracted.

Alright, better go study. Am sure you are all going to tire of hearing me say that!

Things stay the same. And become brand new.

This week marks Brian and my 18th anniversary, completely crazy! Yeah, we got together when we were babies practically. Pretty neat that we can still stand each other, especially after working from home together for the last two or so years. We don’t generally celebrate it because it’s always about a week before Brian’s birthday, and between the two, I’d rather celebrate his birthday.

Did I tell you I am going back to school full-time? I am. Today is my last official day of freedom, and then it’s all C++ and math and design classes. I’m really looking forward to it – and now, no one will be able to kick coding sand in my face because I only have an English degree. Not that anyone did that (except for me), but I always felt less prepared to argue architecture and such.

I went to the PSU CompSci and Engineering orientation. It was startling! When the whole group was together, there were over 200 people. I’d say 1 in 20 or 1 in 30 was a woman. !!! And when we broke out into individual majors, I followed the adviser to where the CompSci folks were going to be and grabbed a seat. And proceeded to watch a lot of guys walk into the classroom. Just as I gave up hope, a woman walked in! I will have to seek her out, as we were 2 / 40 or so. In this day and age! I really don’t get it, I have so many female friends who are programmers, database folk or analysts, it just seems bizarre that the incoming class would be so anemic like that. I’m hopeful that once I get into some of the higher level classes I’ll discover that there more women, and that this is just a freakish incoming class.

Needless to say that my plan to meet new people to hang out with is slight hampered by the fact that I wasn’t particularly interested in hanging out with 19 year old guys. Heh. I definitely stood out in the crowd.

This quarter (gah, I am having a hard time adjusting to quarters, I’ve only ever gone to semester schools), I am taking an intro CS class, Pre-Calculus (I really need to get up to speed fast on math, I’m really behind. English majors don’t need a lot of college math) and Spanish. I don’t need the Spanish for anything at all other than I’ve felt like I should know Spanish, and all the other classes I need are full and closed or have pre-reqs I need to do this quarter.

It’s beautiful out – I studied this morning (yeah, trying to get ahead) and then walked up to Alberta Street for a wander. So many neighborhoods I can walk to from my house! Alberta St is one of my favorite ones, although it always gets me in trouble. There’s something just too good about hanging out somewhere and drinking really good beer that dooms me every time. Lots of little shops with locally made stuff for sale, and often the person making something is there making it while you look at their wares. One of my favorites almost always has a seamstress working on a dress or a skirt while you are there. I find this terribly satisfying.

Alright, I should be fixing the template on this site (I’m not going to) or studying (again, not going to right now) so I’m going to post this and go for another wander…

Yikes, it’s been a while

I know I’ve been neglecting this, I definitely go through times I feel like writing and sharing stuff to not at all.

Last night we went to Doug Fir to see Tango Alpha Tango (Oh Darling opened). It was a good show! My favorite bartender at DF was there, she’s really awesome. That always makes the night go well. T.A.T. didn’t play until around 11:30, and they were taping a video. Fun stuff – I want to know who their guest musicians were, he introduced the singer as his neighbor, but if he said her name, I didn’t catch it. Gorgeous voice, they did a Fleetwood Mac cover.

Let’s see, other news. I’m waiting for one of my closest friends to have her first child and am trying really not to bug her (“any news yet? where’s your son?”). Two other friends are celebrating their marriage today in Madison, and I wish I could be there to cheer them on (they married last year and this is the reception).

I also decided to go back to school full time to get a BS in CS to match my BA. So I’m going to be all about some C++ for a while – it will be strange to work in C++ as it’s somewhat similar to Java but different enough I’m going to have to concentrate. I’ve been studying math like mad for the last few weeks. I haven’t studied math in about 14 years, yikes! I am glad I am doing that too after meeting with the Comp Sci adviser – she told me their Calculus class has a 50% fail rate, and I need three semesters of it. I’m going to be living in the math tutors center, so if you ever need to find me…heh.

It will be great too – I can catch the bus a few blocks from my house and then presto 30 minutes later I’ll be dropped off on campus. I’m trying to think of knitting projects to work on for the commute, assuming I can find a seat on the bus.

Lime Rodeo

We got up early to go to the PSU farmers’ market. We wanted to have some good fruit and veggies on hand for when Carrrie arrives tonight.

Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread was there and sold me a loaf of Powerseed. I had promised Dean to get a picture of Dave but it was pretty busy at that point and I got too oddly shy to ask him if he’d pose for a picture, so the above blurry shot was all that I got.

Some people are awed when they see a rock star; I’m apparently awed when I see my farmer (Richard from Harmony Valley), my cheesemaker (Farmer John!) or my baker (Dave’s Killer Bread). Yeah, I’m a little dorky, I guess. I’d rather be happy about stuff like that than not notice anything so there.

If you haven’t read Dave and his family’s story, you should, it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t tried the bread yet, poor soul, you should, it’s awesome. And if you don’t live in Portland, Oregon, maybe you should come visit me so that you can try some.

We also swung by the grocery store to grab some non-IPA beer for Carrie – we went with Bridgeport’s Stumptown Tart which is a Belgium that is brewed with Marionberries and fermented in Pinot Noir casks. O lord. Super yumminess. Also some limes so we can make mojitos (our mint plant is already tall enough for many drinks) and gin and tonic.

Hopefully I will get a few good shots while Carrie is here; I’ll post them on my flickr account!