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TEDx Portland

Brian and I went to TEDxPortland.  Really enjoyed this – it was my first time at a TEDx. The talks were great and it was also cool to talk to people who went. We got to see the Von Trapps! They sang Edelweiss!! And some of their own stuff. We went home and bought their CD.

Speech from Arrested Development gave a great talk too, very moving. I had no idea he was from Milwaukee, or how much racism he was exposed to there, really heartbreaking.

We also saw Con Bro Chill, which I hadn’t heard of (the guy sitting next to us had gone to school with one of the band members). They were totally nuts and awesome. At one point, there were giant throbbing sparkle thongs on the big screen (matched what they were wearing). Kinda obsessed with seeing a full show. And scared. But mostly interested.
 Con Bro Chill 

Space Room Celebration

Across from our booth at the Space Room - beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

Across from our booth at the Space Room – beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

We went to the Space Room last night to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. I forget how much I like the Space Room and people watching there, and I hadn’t been there since it was sold recently. Exactly the same! Although the Ladies’ room was super clean, which was a great surprise over the last time I was there. The Space Room has been on Hawthorne since 1959.

It’s not as dark as Bryant’s in Milwaukee, Wisc but close. Man, I miss Bryant’s (since 1938! Brian and I had were there for the first time in college, and told his parents about it the next time we were at their house. Turns out that not only was that one of their hangouts, but we had had “their” waitress as well! Brilliant).

At the Space Room, you walk in certain you will walk into a table, and you can feel people’s eyes on you but not see them. Then, after your first beer, you can’t imagine that – why you can see everything! Until you go back outside and are blinded by how light it is at ten at night. Heh.

Oregon zoo!


We walked and jumped on MAX yesterday and took it to the zoo. Great day to be wandering around in the sunshine. Oregon zoo has a great local collection of animals as well as the standard zoo animals.

After that, we took MAX back downtown and went on a wander. Got a beer at Bailey’s Taproom and then went to Tugboat Brewing across the street. Holy cow do we both love Tugboat, it’s so rare to walk into a place and instantly feel comfortable and happy. Really rocks, we ended up here twice last night and it is definitely going to be a regular haunt. I think we undid all of the benefits of walking by having so much beer though.

Ate dinner at Dan and Louis. They’ve been around for 106 years or so. My parents used to eat here! They now have outdoor seating in the alleyway which is really smart. Brian and I shared a taster of oysters on the half shell and now today I’m craving them. Funny that I used to get so mad at my mom when she ordered them (ew, they look gross and why are you wasting all those glorious seashells, no, can’t we take them home, please?) and now I love them.

I’ve probably helped with this.

Portland, Ore.

A travel magazine used data from researchers at Cornell University to determine that Portland, Ore. is one of the most photographed cities in the world. We are #25, but out of all of the amazing places in the world, that’s super impressive.

Here are a few pictures of my own…I love this city.

Go by Train, a view of Big Pink, downtown and Union Station.

Portlandia in front of the Michael Graves designed building.

View of downtown from the Rose Test Garden, with Orangecicle coverup for Big Pink.

Horse ring on sidewalk on Mississippi.

Brian at the Bye and Bye.

Dragonboats on the Willamette.

Fence on SE Belmont (they change it pretty frequently).

Palms Motor Hotel sign on Interstate.

Pigs on NW 23rd.

Mt Tabor's annual Adult Soapbox Derby.

Music, sweet music

Had a lot of fun last night. Headed out with my friend Cindy and we went to the Satyricon to see a show. The Satyricon is being torn down and a homeless shelter will be built in its place and Cindy wanted to see a show there before they close this weekend.

With school and work, it’s been busy enough that by the time I got everything straightened out, it was last night or Saturday night. So we went out last night. We didn’t know the bands, but I’m always up for everything.

It turned out to be a psychobilly band from Germany, Mad Sin and a band from Oakland, Phenomenauts, and some other bands that we were way too late too see. What a great show, and the best people watching I’ve had in *forever*. It was really fun, and it’s been sooooo long since I’ve gone to a show that had that kind of energy. Dunno what happened that I’ve been going to so many mellow bands the last few years.

Felt super good to see a psychobilly band. The lead singer is a HUGE German guy, tattoos everywhere and not particularly impressed that he couldn’t have beer in the music side of the place (it was an all ages show so you had to go to the bar side to drink, where you couldn’t see the stage, just hear it). He finally gave up and jumped off the stage and stormed by Cindy and I to go get a drink. The band played a song or two while he was gone. Cindy and I decided to go see what the singer was up to, and when we turned around, he was just behind us getting his picture taken with a cute girl from the crowd. Really awesome and so incongruous with how he was raging on the stage (man, that guy has personality and pipes to spare).

Really enjoyed the Phenomenauts too – will have to pick up their albums. Reminded me of the Cocktails from Chicago. I wanted to go peer under the guy’s robot head after the show but somehow managed to restrain myself. The guys from the band were in the crowd to watch the Mad Sin show, which I thought was cool. The Phenomenauts put on a really tight good show – I’d see them again in a heartbeat, although they did one thing that makes me want to research them a bit more to make sure they aren’t associated with something I think is crap. Haven’t seen anything on their site or wikipedia that makes me think they are associated, so I’m assuming they were just messing with the crowd.

The crowd was a good group of punks and pompadours. Cindy said that was the biggest collection of pompadours she has seen, ever. Reminded me of Brian’s crew in Milwaukee – the whole show brought fond memories of seeing similar shows in Milwaukee. Will definitely have to find the next place to see this sort of thing again and not fall into the rut of seeing the same type of show over and over. Also really cool to see three sets of that kind of thing use a stand-up bass (which had a white headstock and was lit by Christmas lights. At one point, he played a solo and then held the whole thing over his head. These were all really big guys).