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Packing is dull

Exactly one week until we get to move into our new-to-us house. We already own it, but have rented it back to the sellers to give them extra time to move.

I should be panicking about packing, but mostly I’m just really, really sick of it. And I’m running out of places to put the boxes I do pack, which is hardly motivational.

We met the person who is taking over the top half of the place we’ve been renting; she has ducks and chickens. She seemed very nice, but surprised by the lack of wood floors – the place was advertised as all wood floors, while in fact there are wood floors in one room and the rest is carpeted. She is paying for the main floor and attic what we paid for the whole house last year. Yeesh, I am so glad to go back to owning.

Packing for the move

Mostly just packing like crazy and working on finalizing our financing. Takes a lot of concentration to keep track of everything you need to, and doing it while you are packing is a little mad because twice I’ve packed papers we need to complete our financing, heh.

If you are waiting for an email from me, I’m having some difficulties with my mail client right now, and answering things on the iPhone is tedious at best. I’m trying to get to things from my webmail, but it’s much slower for me. I’m hoping to take a second or two this weekend and straighten out whatever is not letting me send from my mail client (probably a blocked port is my guess, but who knows).

Picture above is our new office. The upstairs has some beautiful old growth Douglas Fir – the first owner did wood working and added a lot of nice features to the house. It’s not paneling, it is doug fir planks. Neat-o. Our inspector showed Brian how old it was by how tight the line are in it.

Strange days

Moose’s travel accomodations

One of the best things that happened on the road trip out here is when we stopped in Billings.

It was our longest day on the road, it had been over 100 degrees all day, the “crunk” that my car developed was getting more frequent and we were all exhausted.

We got to the Comfort Inn and there was a bus in the parking lot. Didn’t think much of it. Gretchen jumped out and grabbed the luggage cart for the cats and all of our bags. We loaded it up, and I was careful to put the sheet over Ichabod’s cage. He’s terrified of everything normally, and anything that we can do to make this move easier on him is worth doing. If he can’t see out the windows as things are moving, he feels safer.

We get into the lobby (where we subsequently discovered that there was no elevator and that our room was on the second floor) and it is absolutely filled with Amish people. Probably about 40 men and women.

We couldn’t get through and I said “Excuse me.” One gentleman heard me and seeing our cart, tapped the other people in the hallway on their shoulders so they’d notice and move too.

We started chatting with everyone as we were walking toward the hallway, and one of the women asked what we had in the cages. “Two very scared cats,” Gretchen or I replied.

“Oh, what color?” (What a strange question, I thought.)

“One of them is black and white and the other one is all black.”

“Oh! What a lucky cat! Can I see the black and white one?”

Suddenly, we were completely and utterly surrounded. Gretchen held up the sheet to Ichabod’s cage, and every single Amish person filed by to see poor Ichabod. Someone went and told the people who had gone to their rooms, and soon even more Amish people came to see Ichabod.

It turns out that they were the busload of people, and they were going to the Canadian Rockies. Along the way, they were doing a scavenger hunt, and one of the items was to see a black and white cat!

Everyone was incredibly nice, and I’m smiling thinking about it right now. One man told me I should have charged a buck to see the lucky cat, hehe. Everyone was sooo polite, and smiling, and friendly.

It was really fun, and Ichabod took it surprisingly well. And we never did see anyone else staying at that hotel who wasn’t Amish, which meant that walking by the swimming pool was an interesting experience!