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Last weekend

Bagdad sign at night

The Bagdad sign at night.

I’m quiet because I’ve not been doing very much that I felt like writing on here. Quick notes of interest –

Katie bought a house in Milwaukie! The one with the “ie” rather than the “ee.” She doesn’t like the cold anymore than I do. Heh. Congrats Katie, I’ve started lifting weights again in preparation for slogging boxes. hehe

The Bagdad

The Bagdad on Hawthorne

Thursday night, Brian and I went to the Bagdad theater for the first time. We had dinner and watched everyone on Hawthorne totally loving spring.

The Bagdad is a McMenamins like Kennedy School. The Bagdad is where the premiere of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “My Own Private Idaho” was held. Neat. We were there to see “The Black Hole” which I’ve not seen since I was a little kid, and holy cow, I’m surprised that ending didn’t stay with me. We also got to try a McMenamins beer that we hadn’t had yet – Bagdad Ale.

Here’s a mural from next to the table.


Detail of mural at the Bagdad


Farmers’ Market at PSU – first of the year
In other news, the Farmers’ market at PSU opened for the season – so exciting. I may have gone a little overboard with my joy. I got three types of mushrooms, freshly caught salmon (which reminds me that I need to finish it today), carrots, garlic, garlic greens, pastries, oh, and a lot of other things.

My strange vegetable to try was sea beans, also known as samphire or sea asparagus. The farmer told me I could just eat them, which I have been, or grill fish with a layer of them on top, which I also did. The other farmer sad they are awesome in sushi, but since that’s not on the list for this week, I’ll probably need another bag of them before I can use them. They taste like the ocean (makes sense, they are harvested from the tides of Oregon) and a little like cucumbers. I really like them, and will be adding them to our repertoire.

Nothing else much going on – I miss the arrow keys on my laptop but am learning to live without them, so I think I will wait to replace the keyboard. I’m hoping to get some hikes in this week, and if so, should have some pretty pictures to post to flickr.

Will write more later

Too tired to write right now – just dropped Tim off at the airport. We got up early and went to Fuller’s downtown for a classic breakfast. It was lovely. And then we took a long walk around downtown, drove him to the airport and here we are.

We went to bed pretty late after seeing Jason Webley at the Edgefield. Really, really recommend him – he’s going to be in Madison in March or April, would be definitely worth going to see. I’ll try to write more about that later too.

While Tim was here, we made sushi, tempura shrimp and veggies, and crab rangoon wontons. Oh! And they made huckleberry pancakes on the grill. Between that and eating out A LOT, I am going to only eat salads for the next week while hiking several hours per day.

Jon had a great observation when we were out and about in Portland. He said that one thing he really notices here is that people are comfortable with who they are. I think I remember thinking about that a bit when we first moved here, but now I kinda take it for granted. I am glad he came for a visit – Jon is one of those people you can always depend on for really nicely said, well thought-out observations.