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March. Still cold. Still fun.

Some things I’ve done in the last two weeks:

Painted The Hall Of Doors orange and knit a rug for our downstairs bathroom.

Moose checks out the new rug in the bathroom.

Walked around a waterfall I hadn’t found before.

Brian at Latourell Falls, Oregon.

Latourell Falls, Oregon.

We followed the waterfall hike by eating at Full Sail. I really like their food. It’s hard to have us go there when Double Mountain is so close, but we were in the mood for burgers so we went to Full Sail. After dinner we did their beer tour which impressed me. I like them even more after that. Miller has tried to buy them numerous times and they keep saying no, they just want to make beer. The people who work for them seem really happy too.

Drank some beer at some of my favorite Portland places.

Tom Sr indicates his displeasure with his beer size (which as 18% ABV!!!)

Stayed out on a pier over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Tom Sr at the Goonies house.

We had Brian’s dad watch Goonies the night before we went to Astoria. We had a little extra time before we checked into our hotel, so we drove to the Goonies house so he could see it.

Broken pier next to our hotel.

I cannot recommend Cannery Pier Hotel enough. What a great place! The hotel was comfortable and well-appointed, the people were fantastic and the smoked salmon at the wine tasting was the best I’ve had this year. It was great! The hotel room is right out on the water, and they give you a list of all the ships going to Portland and overseas so you can use your room binoculars to check them out. And they have an antique car that will take you anywhere you want to go in Astoria. We took it to Rogue for dinner and drinks. Really fantastic.

Tom at the Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.

While we were in Astoria, we checked out the Maritime museum. I liked that too – it was larger than I thought it was (I burnt out about halfway) and we got to wander on a lightship before they had to shut it down for the day due to a strangely high tide (9 feet!).

Unusual 9 foot tide in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Drank wine at Torii Mor and picked up our wine from our wine club.

Did a whirlwind tour of Seattle when we dropped Brian’s dad off.

We showed him the waterfront (which he liked).

Tom Sr in Seattle.

We showed him Pike Market (which he didn’t really like. Too many people and hills).

Pike Market, Seattle, Washington.

We showed him the top of the Space Needle (which he liked).

Brian and his dad at the Space Needle.

Tom Sr and Brian in Seattle.

We had a quick happy hour at Ivar’s on the waterfront (we all loved that). We had some seafood and Brian and I had Manny’s beer which you can only get in Seattle and which we really enjoy. It rained all the way from Portland and all the way back, but it was clear, sunny and warm the entire time we wandered the city, just perfect.

Now we are trying to get back into the swing of things, which I am finding hard to do!