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Random stuff

Last night we went to Kelly’s Olympian. You have to love Portland – Kelly’s is the 3rd oldest continuously running bar in Portland at 107 years old. Heh. Anyone know what the first two are? I’m assuming Jake’s is one of them.

Anyhow, I haven’t been to Kelly’s in a good long while, and I was jealous that Brian got lunch at Ping and then hung out at Bridgeport to work for a while, so we wandered over to Kelly’s after upgrading our iPhones (let me tell you again how worthless an iPhone is when the touch screen stops working). We had a few pints and ended up getting some dinner, which is what I wanted to tell you. On the happy hour menu, they have mac-and-cheese bites for $3! Which is $4 off. I am going to have to avoid them from this point out – they fall into the category of something that is good enough that I know I’m eating something bad. It’s mac-and-cheese which is then shaped into a triangle, battered and fried. O my. So good.

Brian pointed out that a number of the scary things you hear about or are posted to the “why you are fat” websites originate in Portland: maple bacon bars, foie gras doughnuts, totchos. I’m adding mac-and-cheese bites to the list. Also, I am only going to eat lettuce today in penance. I took pictures of Kellys, and got a few cool shots with my iPhone, but when I sync’d it up, they were overwritten, so I’ll post some another time.

Edited to say: Googled it and Huber’s Cafe is the oldest bar in Portland. They’ve been in business since 1879!

Now who’s second? Edited one more time: Jake’s lists its age as 110, so there you go. So I’ve only not been to Huber’s, something I will remedy soon.

Surprise out-of-town guests for lunch

Whew, lots to write about and little time. Just a quick note to say that if you are a GL alum, I just had a surprise email from Dan Clarke to say he was in Portland. After a quick phone call, I was outside on the sidewalk at Jake’s eating lunch with him and his awesome wife Marianne. Their son lives in Seattle, and he has an aunt and uncle in Medford, OR, so they were heading back from visiting them.

A nice surprise, although I’m feeling slight lethargic after a caesar salad topped with freshly blackened salmon (mmmm) and a Ponzi pinot gris. Feeling a little spoiled today and great to see them!