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Hiking for the rest of my life.

Hiker falls from Gorge.

I’ve been meaning to post this because this guy will definitely be someone I think about for a long time. He’s alright, despite falling off one of the trails along the Gorge (scaaa-ry).

Some excerpts from kgw, in case they don’t permanently archive their stories:

“CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. — A 90-year-old Portland man was still hospitalized in critical condition Thursday after falling on a popular Columbia Gorge hiking trail on Wednesday afternoon. ”

“The group has been doing Wednesday hikes in the Gorge for more than 37 years, according to the women. They said Dubuar has led the hikes since he retired some three decades ago. The group enjoys a “short” hike of 4 to 6 miles each Wednesday. ”

That’s soooo awesome. I think I read at one point that their youngest member was in his late 60s.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to get to the same level of ability to be able to hike every week for six miles in my 90s!! I keep thinking about him, and how cool is it that he’s fine!