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In December, we had the shortest trip I’ve ever taken to Wisconsin. I was able to see a good amount of Brian’s family and spent some time with mine, but seriously short (basically less than two days per family).

The flight out started with us seeing Pedro the Lion at Mississippi Studios. Great show! But we definitely were out a bit late for a 4 a.m. flight to Chicago.

Pedro the Lion!

Switching between families, we managed to swing by Madison just long enough to check on our duplex and get bloody marys and walnut burgers at the Harmony. Seriously last second so we didn’t have time to give anyone a heads-up. But I got a walnut burger with fried onions, sooooo good as always.

The Harmony has the best walnut burgers.

Also seriously last second, my sister scored four tickets to Hamilton in Chicago. It meant that we drove to Chicago, back to Wisconsin, back to Chicago the next morning, but needless to say, so worth it. I was skeptical that I’d be amazed by Hamilton because of how much everyone has been raving about it. It was as good as everyone told me. My only complaint is that I can’t go see it again due to how hard it is to get tickets.

Hamilton in Chicago

Weary Traveler

Weary Traveler

Weary Traveler

There are odd things I miss about Madison. I miss my friends, of course, and wish they could wander Portland with me like we’d wander Madison.

I miss getting a beer and dinner at the Weary Traveler, not surprisingly.

I really really miss the walnut burger at the Harmony – I haven’t found anything to replace it yet here, not even close. Don’t get me started on the hot chips and the Lake Louie APA.

Fried risotto balls at Vito here are a small consolation prize. And Bridgeport still makes me entirely too happy. Now where’s a good place to get an awesome housemade veggie burger?