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Sunday wander

Last Sunday, we sort of randomly decided to go to Astoria in the afternoon. We didn’t have any particular plans except to wander and maybe get some dinner at Fort George Brewery.

It was a fun afternoon. We were driving around looking at old (some of them pretty sadly boarded up) buildings. We pulled into a parking lot to get a closer look at the Flavel House (mansion?), and when I went to pull out, I noticed where we were. We were in the parking lot of the jail from the opening scenes of Goonies! I love Goonies so much, so we stopped for a bit longer so that I could get pictures.

Jail from Goonies, in Astoria, Oregon.

Jail from Goonies, in Astoria, Oregon.

We also drove over the Bridge to Nowhere (aka the Astoria Bridge) and paused on the Washington side to take pictures of a storm blowing inland. We drove up to Long Beach and turned around.

Storm over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Storm over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Fort George was pretty good! We had a taster tray, which gives you a taste of every beer they have on tap. It also includes a wasabi ginger ale, which really just tasted like water (and for $4 a glass, can probably just be avoided).

A good way to spend a Sunday and a nice reminder that we need to spend a night in Astoria soon.

Astoria Bridge from the Washington side.

Astoria Bridge from the Washington side.

Mouth of the Columbia River.

Mouth of the Columbia River.

New Things that happened on Tim and Jon’s visit

We saw the grave of a pioneer who traveled here after passing away and who was brought here preserved in whiskey.

We had a great wander through downtown Seattle visiting whatever struck our fancy. I really liked the Whisky bar we stopped at first. I wish it had been our last stop too. We were also rejected from going to a cabaret (really, it was for the best. But funny). We ended up at the grossest most terrible hick / red neck / frat bar before heading back to the hotel, but somehow Brian still managed to make a friend. Who gave him a big hug. hehe

Goonies sign
A sign in front of the driveway leading up to The Walshes’ house and also Data’s house from Goonies.

Driving to Astoria to visit Rogue Public House and the “Goonies” house, we drove on 101 through Washington from Seattle and saw how much damage a fall windstorm did to the forests.

Brian and I taught ourselves how to make tempura, and are constantly considering what we can now tempura. I wanted a tempura vegetable roll for our sushi, and we also decided to do a tempura bay shrimp roll (yum!). Sushi was great, but wow, I like making tempura.

Space Room
The Space Room on Hawthorn.

Tim and I went to the Space Room. Neat. We brought Brian back there the next day after Tim got a tattoo. I got spoken to about not smoking in the bathroom.

Leave Love Alone
The girls’ room door at the Space Room.

I wasn’t smoking in the bathroom, I was sneaking a camera into there to take a picture of the great door in the ladies’ room. O well. Brian had a creepy interaction with an off-duty cocktail waitress that still makes me shudder everytime I think about it.

Brian had a near-transcedental experience with ribs at Clay’s Smokehouse Grill on Division. Go there if you like ribs and smoked stuff, they are yummy and inexpensive. They have buck-a-rib specials until five on a lot of days and $1 Rainiers on tap. Which means for $4 you can get an excellent dinner.

We also saw a great gypsy-folk-punk band at the Edgefield and discovered a building we hadn’t yet explored on the Edgefield grounds.