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Pictures soon, I promise.

I was going to write up the adventures we had with Gretchen, Jay and the kids, but I’m going to wait on that in favor of other things.

Specifically, the news that Brian and I put an offer on a house in Portland, and it was accepted! We will be moving exactly 14 blocks closer to downtown. YAY! The house is completely lovely, and about $9,000 more than we said we wanted to spend, but we’ll make up for that by loving the house even more.

We completely had expected to find a fixer-upper, and we didn’t mind that. Brian and I have worked on so many houses together at this point, it’s kind of in our blood to be fixing things (yet another reason renting has been hard). However, the place we bought is lovely inside, and entirely wood floors. It’s way too big for the two of us, but with the amount of out-of-state guests we have, it’ll be completely fine, I think. It has a nice private backyard, and a lovely sunroom, and they’ve preserved the original coal chute with some coal in it because they thought it was cool, and root cellar. I’ve always wanted a root cellar. Can anyone chime in here and let me know how to use one?

Now, I’m packing like a madwoman (Brian is swamped with work, so I’ve offered to do the packing) and thinking that perhaps now that we have a house on the way, maaaaaybe I should get around to getting a job. Heh. If anyone has suggestions on that, pipe up, please!

The only other thing I wanted to mention today is that marionberries are finally in the grocery stores, so I splurged on some today. I’m not sure that they are going to make it until tonight. Marionberries are like much better blackberries for those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to try some before. They are amazing and my favorite berry, right up there with Oregonian strawberries.

To bring me even further back to my childhood, Tillamook’s limited flavor right now is Bubble Gum ice cream. Brian had never heard of such a thing, so was this only a west coast phenomena in the 70s? Whether in California, Washington, Nevada or Oregon, I always ordered it in any ice cream shop. Then, it was filled with those round bubble gums that you only seem to get in candy machines at a grocery store. You’d suck all the ice cream from around the gum, and then spit the gum unchewed onto a napkin. Then, at the end, you’d gather all the gumballs up and chew on them, in a huge wad of gum that’d make your jaws ache. A terrible idea, truly. However as a kid, it was the best thing ever because not only did you get ice cream, but you’d follow up with candy! How perfect could life be? Sadly, Tillamook went with just flavoring from what I understand, so no gum chewing for me.

Life is good.

Lime Rodeo

We got up early to go to the PSU farmers’ market. We wanted to have some good fruit and veggies on hand for when Carrrie arrives tonight.

Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread was there and sold me a loaf of Powerseed. I had promised Dean to get a picture of Dave but it was pretty busy at that point and I got too oddly shy to ask him if he’d pose for a picture, so the above blurry shot was all that I got.

Some people are awed when they see a rock star; I’m apparently awed when I see my farmer (Richard from Harmony Valley), my cheesemaker (Farmer John!) or my baker (Dave’s Killer Bread). Yeah, I’m a little dorky, I guess. I’d rather be happy about stuff like that than not notice anything so there.

If you haven’t read Dave and his family’s story, you should, it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t tried the bread yet, poor soul, you should, it’s awesome. And if you don’t live in Portland, Oregon, maybe you should come visit me so that you can try some.

We also swung by the grocery store to grab some non-IPA beer for Carrie – we went with Bridgeport’s Stumptown Tart which is a Belgium that is brewed with Marionberries and fermented in Pinot Noir casks. O lord. Super yumminess. Also some limes so we can make mojitos (our mint plant is already tall enough for many drinks) and gin and tonic.

Hopefully I will get a few good shots while Carrie is here; I’ll post them on my flickr account!