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O good

Taken on a walk in my neighborhood with my grandfather's SX70 Polaroid.

Taken on a walk in my neighborhood with my grandfather's SX70 Polaroid.

The Impossible project came out with usable Polaroid film!

And even better, they are releasing film for my camera (SX70) which hasn’t been around for a while. I’ve been using film for a different Polaroid model, knowing it won’t work well with my camera. I saw hacks to modify my camera, but I really didn’t want to, even though it didn’t look too difficult.

I’m so excited! I can hardly wait to get some to check out. It looks like it may be all black and white right now, but they expect color film by summer.

Very, very cool

Monday, Monday. Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ah ah ah.

On Monday nights, we’ve been heading to Old Town Pizza on MLK to watch movies. The first night we went, it was old (1940s and 1950s) beer commercials. They were completely awesome. One of them completely startled me – I had no idea that in-your-face foreplay was on TV back then. I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find the one that scandalized me, which is disappointing, it was really cool. I wonder why beer companies don’t use their old commercials? It’d definitely make me pay more attention to them.

In any event, it was pretty cool to watch them listening to the thwap thwap thwap of the film project (16mm, Brian said). Not to mention having a beer or two while doing that.

Last night’s was crash test dummy films from the Ford Motor company. Also good, but even better was the 1950s PSA-like movie for teenagers on not drinking and driving. Old Town doesn’t particularly turn the music off in the restaurant while we watch these, so it was a bit surreal to watch it to electronica music, watching it storm outside and drinking a beer.

The guy who does this didn’t remember what he had planned for next week – he says he just grabs them out of his basement. He’s quite a character too as he sets up the film. I think we are starting to make friends with the bartender too, who is from Edinbourough. He’s fond of Brian’s full name, which makes me giggle. And I was amused this week because he was less one beard and Brian was less one head of hair. Almost timed, that.

Pretty cool night, except for the fact that when we went out to get in my car, we noticed that my car was spraypainted sometime between Sunday night and Monday evening. Brian had moved my car to the street while we were gardening because he wanted to pull some weeds in our driveway and I left it there knowing we were going somewhere Monday night. The morons didn’t get Brian’s car thankfully, but they clearly thought about it because they spraypainted a penis on the street in front of his car. Reported to the police, of course, and my car has already had it removed. I’m working with the city to get the sidewalk and street penises removed, so hopefully that’s that. I’ve got enough of my family in me to think that if they’d like to do that again, there will be BAD. CONSEQUENCES. But all in all, part of living in a city, I get that.

Movies I’ve been watching

I watched two great movies I missed from the 80s. Not sure how I missed either of them, they were right up my alley.

Dragonslayer from 1981 is a traditional fantasy movie, complete with dragons and wizards. It was well-acted, and the special effects were really great for the time period. You could tell the people who made the film really believed in what they were doing, and loved being part of it. It was a great find.

Return to Oz from 1985 was the movie we watched last night. I’m guessing that it slipped past me because I was a rotten teenager, but that’s my only guess because I really loved the Oz books when I was a kid. I’ve written about how I picked strawberries in the fields to be able to afford first editions of the series, and I used to have the library get them for me from all over – sometimes from the Library of Congress.

So I’m surprised I hadn’t at least heard of this before this year. It was a Walt Disney movie which worried me, but it was really well done. Brian Henson was involved with the special effects, and you could tell it was done at the same time as Labyrinth. Gotta love a children’s movie where the main child actor is sent for shock therapy in the first 20 minutes. There were parts of this that were really dark, but the really out there stuff that startled all came from the books.

I was impressed at how well they cast Tic Toc (and wow, watching the extras and finding out how the actor and costume worked was wild) and Ozma (you’d think the book drawings were based on the movie rather than the other way around) but the Scarecrow was rather disturbing.

In any event, it is not a movie I’d probably let a smaller child watch just because it would be pretty nightmare inducing, but it was wonderfully done and really worth watching. I’ll probably end up owning it at some point.