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New life

An auspicious day – my cousin Steve and Sheila had their baby today, a little boy. They are evenly balanced now, two boys and two girls so now that’s it!

Continuing the theme of making me smile because people I love are having little ones for me to smile at, our friends Marcio and Abby had a little girl today! YAY! I know I normally don’t post about babies (not so much my thing) but it does genuinely make me happy that people I think are intelligent, fun, good-hearted and nice are having children who will be loved and raised right. Woot!

Only other thing I have is that while I haven’t got back into the routine of weight lifting and yoga and pilates (but I’m working towards it), I did walk 6 miles yesterday. Now, two of those miles were to go get a beer or two, but still! Progress. I’m looking at a good hike for sometime this week, a new place definitely.

Now. Off to walk two miles today. Anyone know how many steps in a mile? I’m curious if I did the stereotypical 10,000 steps yesterday, but I haven’t found a pedometer I like yet.

Quieting back and looking forward to Carrie

Stupid back. I’ve been super focused on getting into shape and losing some weight so that I can get back into my favorite summer clothes.

Up until now, it’s been great, I feel better, I breath better, hiking is nicer. But last week I overdid things when I upgraded to heavier weights for my strength training, and not lowered the number of sets. I know better than that, I do. So sometime this week, I managed to pull a muscle in my back which has entirely derailed all my plans for the week and brought the exercise to screeching halt. ARRRGH. I can tell that more than not going to downtown to see the ships for Fleet week, or having to skip the hike we had planned for this weekend, just losing the level of activity I had grown accustomed to (pilates nearly every day, walking hills nearly every day, lifting weights, yoga, hiking) is driving me nuts. I want to be out exploring, I want to be walking.

With a good amount of Advil, I can sit upright now, but getting up HURTS and rolling over from my back to my side, ow.

So I’m quiet again because really, sitting here on the computer isn’t generating awesome adventures to write on here. However, I’ve been working on migrating this over to a newer, fancier, hopefully prettier webpage which I will let you all know about soon. Carrie, you are going to have to resubscribe to the RSS feed when that happens, sorry :)

Speaking of Carrie, she’s here for a visit in about one week, I am getting super excited. I miss her massive amounts – she was my go-to person for randomly calling up and saying “hey, you want to go —” and she’d nearly always be up for it. No matter how random or late it was. I foresee many long days and late nights next week – she’s not usually willing to call it quits for the night just because it’s late, and I’m not working for The Man yet so we won’t have a reason to stop early.