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Random Portland things

A random tree on my morning walk in my neighborhood. Its width is easily three of me.

This is my 801st post!

Loud ‘n’ Lit riders

Laurie, Cindy, Brian, and I were having a cook-out followed by a late night firepit in the backyard when we heard both hooting and hollerin’. It seemed to go on for quite a while, so Cindy went out front to check it out, then grabbed us. The Loud ‘n’ Lit bike ride was going past our house at around midnight, having started at Ecliptic Brewing on Mississippi. We watched them go by for at least fifteen minutes, very cool. Tons of good music – Prince, Madonna, Metallica, it had to be a great bike ride.

Finally –

Restroom at Box Social


Fantastic cocktail bar that opened the day after Prohibition was repealed. A good welcome to Denver!

A long morning walk in the sunshine followed by lunch at Snooze in Union Station. To be followed by another walk and some sketching / writing. Kinda pleased right now.

View from Denver Art Museum sculpture deck today.

Eating pierogies at Polished Tavern

Today’s wander was to the Molly Brown House. A nice tour, and I like her story.