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Two interesting links

First, here’s a map someone at very small array put together showing by state, the places mentioned in “Missed Connections” for Craigslist, broken down by Male for Male, Male for Woman, Woman for Male and Woman for Woman.

Notably, Oregon has New Seasons for one, which cracked me up. (New Seasons is the local sustainable organic grocery store that Brian and I like and shop at. And which has now caused me to boycott Whole Foods, for those of you checking in from a distance)

I am also sad that one of Wisconsin’s was Walmart. Booo hisssss.

Also notable are the blanks for woman for woman – some states not represented. Not cool man, not cool.

Second link posted to a website I frequent (warning, a short video, probably with music but I watched it muted): Notebook.

There you go. Two things that made me happy on the internet.