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Dinner in Hollywood

We went to dinner with friends of ours last night. We ate at Chin’s, which I had wanted to try since we moved to Portland. Chin’s has been in the Hollywood neighborhood since 1949, and I have always thought its neon looked cool on a rainy winter night.

Last year, it was bought out by some sisters from the Shandong region. AJing has talked to them quite a bit and it is an interesting story. She told me that their food is traditional home style (i.e. what you would make at home rather than in a restaurant). It was very good, I definitely will go back, especially for the dumplings.

This dish, candied sweet potatoes, is a holiday dish, according to AJing. The sweet potatoes are cooked, then coated in sugar (simple syrup?) and brought out very hot. You eat them carefully right away or they get glued together by the sugar. You grab one, and all these sugar threads appear (you can see them in the picture above) so you dip the potato into the bowl of water. That makes the coating harden and snaps the sugar threads off. Fun to eat, and I wouldn’t have known how to do it unless AJing had ordered them and walked me through it.

Quick notes

Alright, today was fun.

I went to dim sum with former neighbors and now friends. It was at Wong King’s Seafood, and it was completely awesome. I can’t wait to take Brian there. From my experience, if you are vegetarian only, maybe don’t go for dim sum, go for dinner, but I really liked the dim sum (I ate a lot of shrimp today).

We went to Penzey’s to get some spices I’ve been missing, yay! I got two new curry mixes I can’t wait to try out. On the way back, we drove by Hung Far Low. I wondered where that moved to, and now I know. Awkward to explain why it was notable to a 10 year old (oops).

Came home, played some Wii (young Michelle is getting one for Christmas, and is very excited about it).

Tonight, due to a completely broken oven / stove, we walked up to Alberta St for dinner / happy hour. Bye and Bye was really awesome, that will become our local bar without a doubt. It not only had Hopworks on tap, but Amnesia, and it was really cool to look at a menu and to be able to order anything on it and think I’d be content. We both ended up with the Eastern Tofu bowl which made my mouth tingle in a happy way (yes, I meant that exactly as it sounded). It reminded me of every place that has ever made me comfortable and happy, and the music was great.

On the way home we stopped off at Random Order coffee shop and got a coffee, a cappachino and a cranberry oatmeal cookie, and I am so completely content with where we live. I can walk to a myriad of place that make me happy.

so there. I miss my Madison friends on a daily basis, and I’d really like more people to hang out with here, but I am so happy here.