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One day in L.A.

Pride crosswalk on Abbot Kinney Blvd in L.A.

We flew to L.A. for a day to see Blondie and Elvis Costello at the Greek Theater. Loved the venue, I want to see more shows there! I have also wanted to see Blondie since I was 15, and they were exactly as good as I thought they’d be. Great night!

We also got to hang out with Nate and Beth for the afternoon and catch up on things, awesome of them to let us stay with them!

Whoa, 1964 looked like fun

Normally I save these for Shadowbox (and I’m posting them there too) but check out these slides I just scanned from my grandfather. They are stamped August 1964, so I’m going to assume it was around then.

First, check out the cool old signs in this town:
Signs in August 1964
Signs in a Californian town in 1964.

As always, clicking on the picture makes it bigger…

Next, look at who was playing while they were there! My mom lived in California at that point, so I am assuming my grandparents were there to visit her and to attend a wedding.

August 1964 music
Jack Benny and Dean Martin marquee in 1964.

Scanning slides from this period is interesting.