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To the mountain

Escaped the noise and upset animals over the 4th of July and went to the Timberline. I love Mt Hood, as I’ve mentioned a few times on here.

Brian reading at the Timberline – this is the back of the lodge

We swam, hung out in the hottub, played shuffleboard, ate great pizza at Blue Ox (the little hidden restaurant at the Timberline), and read nearly all day long.

I hiked up the Pacific Crest Trail for a bit.

I never got a great picture of it, but the monarch butterfly migration was in full force – thousands and thousands of them fluttering past me as I read on the patio. So many on the drive down the mountain! One of the servers exclaimed “Oh! Butterflies!” each time she came outside, she was as delighted as we were.

Shuffleboard table where Brian and I tied. Great game!

Linoleum art and old speaker at one end of the shuffleboard.

I had this folder in various colors as a kid and had no idea that the drawing of the woman on the chairlift was from the Timberline!

Mt Jefferson from our room.

Hood River

On the way home, we stopped in Hood River to eat dinner at Pfriem brewing. We took a short walk along the Columbia River after that and sat in the shade to watch the kite surfers and paddle boarders.

Relaxed and happy start to July.


Working; having a beer; listening to the details of an apparently long overdue break-up; also listening to Dead Milkmen on the jukebox. All-in-all, entertaining and productive.

I walked up to Mash Tun brewpub on Alberta St. After posting this, some grizzled older men set up songs on the jukebox. I thought, uh oh, here comes an hour of Neil Young. But apparently they had a hankerin’ for some Norah Jones, so what do I know.

Random pictures from last week

My sister was in town so we had to try each beer at Hopworks as she had not been there yet. Also unsurprisingly got burgers, which she declared amazing too.


Took a walk along the waterfront to get a good walk and go to Pendleton to pick up a shirt for Brian. Instead of taking a picture of the beautiful Willamette River, I took a picture of this graffiti instead.

This may be the worst rummy hand ever.


Also admired Tesla, which I would love to own at some point.