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Random pictures from last week

My sister was in town so we had to try each beer at Hopworks as she had not been there yet. Also unsurprisingly got burgers, which she declared amazing too.


Took a walk along the waterfront to get a good walk and go to Pendleton to pick up a shirt for Brian. Instead of taking a picture of the beautiful Willamette River, I took a picture of this graffiti instead.

This may be the worst rummy hand ever.


Also admired Tesla, which I would love to own at some point.


Sunday wander

Last Sunday, we sort of randomly decided to go to Astoria in the afternoon. We didn’t have any particular plans except to wander and maybe get some dinner at Fort George Brewery.

It was a fun afternoon. We were driving around looking at old (some of them pretty sadly boarded up) buildings. We pulled into a parking lot to get a closer look at the Flavel House (mansion?), and when I went to pull out, I noticed where we were. We were in the parking lot of the jail from the opening scenes of Goonies! I love Goonies so much, so we stopped for a bit longer so that I could get pictures.

Jail from Goonies, in Astoria, Oregon.

Jail from Goonies, in Astoria, Oregon.

We also drove over the Bridge to Nowhere (aka the Astoria Bridge) and paused on the Washington side to take pictures of a storm blowing inland. We drove up to Long Beach and turned around.

Storm over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Storm over the mouth of the Columbia River.

Fort George was pretty good! We had a taster tray, which gives you a taste of every beer they have on tap. It also includes a wasabi ginger ale, which really just tasted like water (and for $4 a glass, can probably just be avoided).

A good way to spend a Sunday and a nice reminder that we need to spend a night in Astoria soon.

Astoria Bridge from the Washington side.

Astoria Bridge from the Washington side.

Mouth of the Columbia River.

Mouth of the Columbia River.

More Neighborhood Goodness

Filing this under Things-That-Really-Don’t-Need-To-Be-Walking-Distance-Thank-You:

Grain & Gristle is opening in the space left by the mercado next to Podnah’s. It’s a collaboration between the chef from Ned Ludd, a restaurant I’ve only heard great things about, and the owner of Upright Brewing, which producing very interesting and unusual beers. I’ve wanted to visit Upright at Left Bank, but their hours are extremely limited.

It looks like it’s going to be a great pub, and I’ve gone from being super worried about that corner (when the mercado went under and then Podnah’s announced it was leaving as well) to being really excited about it – Pok Pok is opening a restaurant in the Podnah’s space, and now this pub is going in here, and Tiga is a pretty nice place too.

Love my neighborhood.

Not so neighborly, a new restaurant and learning to ride.

The neighbor I don’t like (and boy do I have a lot of reasons) is having a rummage sale today in his front yard. I’m having ethical debates with myself about it. I really want to run out and warn the poor people that are buying his crap that the velvet furniture has sat outside in the rain for the last few months (they use the velvet furniture to sit outside and smoke and drink). I’m going to be good and not do it, but I do feel really sorry for whomever buys the furniture, can you imagine what creepy crawlies are in it?

In other news, I ended up walking up to Alberta St twice yesterday. Once for a good wander and once to go get some drinks and dinner with Brian.

We decided to try out Branch Whisky Bar. It is in the location that Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill was originally, and I believe the man who owns Branch was the former chef for ASOBG. Really like the feel in the place altogether, and our waitress rocked. The have (unsurprisingly) a lot of whisky, including tasting trays (yowza!). I didn’t want to drink whisky with my meal, so I tried a Rye beer by Upright Brewing (the brewers in Left Bank).

I’ve tried two of their beers now and really have like both of them. This one was unusual – Brian said that it reminded him of Duchess – and I don’t know if I’d want to drink it all night but I really liked it. Brian got a whisky (can’t remember now which one) which was an Irish single malt.

We had burgers for dinner which were very tall, featuring house-made bacon and what appeared to be house-made pickles – both pickles for the burger and a pickle spear on the side. The side dish was potato salad, which was very good – not a mayo potato salad, which I can’t stand, but a homemade German potato salad. It was all very good, and too much food for me (even though I kinda finished the plate). After dinner, I tried their whisky sour. Super awesomeness – both Brian and I liked it even better than my whiskey sours. Definitely will wander back here again – the food menu is very limited (I think the burger was the only thing on it that appealed to me) but I’ll be back for drinks for sure.

Today, we get to go to Polish fest, I’m super excited. We are going to take the bus there so we don’t have to worry about driving back. It will be my first time aboard Max! Wish me luck. I haven’t been able to pick up my bus pass from PSU as it goes onto your PSU ID and mine doesn’t have my picture yet. Will try to write about all this tomorrow, if I’m not distracted.

Alright, better go study. Am sure you are all going to tire of hearing me say that!

Knitting and beer

Fun time last night!

I made myself go out and meet people I don’t know. This whole-meet-people-by-hanging-out-at-our-house thing just really wasn’t cutting it. Heh.

One of the local yarn shops (Yarn Garden) hosted a beer and knitting night at Lucky Lab. Knitting and beer? I am so there. Brian was kind enough to chauffer me around so I didn’t even have to worry about driving. I drank Superdog, one of their IPAs, all night.

It was cool – the Yarn Garden folks were super awesome, and gave out a little bag to each person that had a skein of fingerling weight yarn, a one-skein pattern to use it on (still can’t decide if I am going to do the pattern or something else), a card to keep track of your needles with their hours on the back and a paper ruler to fold up and keep in your knitting bag. It’s almost odd how often you measure things when you knit, it kinda makes me feel like a carpenter. My skeing was in shades of green with a little yellow – picture to follow at some point I am sure.

The people there were really nice. I stood there with my beer for a few seconds trying to figure out how to find a place to sit, and someone waved me over to a seat. What a good turn out – there had to be 40 knitters there (and a crocheter) at one point. Met some cool people, and will definitely go to the next one which is at Roots next month. When my table went home around 9, I turned my chair and chatted with folks behind me. After they left, I met a nice scientist and her aunt and talked with them for quite a while.

The owner stopped over to say hello to me too – her sister started the store, but just passed away, so she’s taken it over. After she left, I realized I was mostly alone, so I called Brian for a ride. No sooner did I get off the phone than two more people came and sat down with me to see what I was knitting (a sweater for a Christmas present for Gretchen, which got a lot of attention last night. I think I was the only person working on a sweater – there were lots of socks, a few shawls, and a few afghans).

It was really cool to see the range of people there – all ages, all styles, men and women. I was curious to see what the regular drinkers at Lucky Lab would think about being overrun with knitters, but this is Portland, they just took it all in stride.

After Brian finished a beer with me, we headed home, swinging by Voodoo Doughnuts on the way. hehe. It was great to wake up knowing I had a sugary doughnut waiting for me.

Random updates

Just because I forgot to post this last Wednesday, I’m going to post it now. It’s been nice to use this website to look back at the bands I’ve been seeing.

Laurelthirst has some great bands who play there, and Brian hadn’t been to Laurelthirst yet, so we had to go. We went to see Dolorean for their last Wednesday night Laurelthirst show. I knew the place fills up as the show starts, so we went early to get dinner (early being 5 p.m.). Laurelthirst’s food is really good – they currently win for my favorite Portland veggie burger (Portland veggie burgers tend to be either soft [blech] or sweet [not so much my style]). They also have good beer :)

Dolorean is great live. Brian had told me that I’d hate them, so I didn’t listen to them for a long time. I really like them though (take that, Brian! I’m contrary!), and the show was really cool. The place was completely packed too – people sharing booths and everyone looked like they were having a good time. Al James, the singer, said they were taking a break from live shows to work on a new album, so I’m really glad we went out that night.

There’s something really awesome about being out at a great bar on a summer night listening to a band and drinking beer that just can’t be beat.

Last night, we were supposed to go to Clay’s for dinner, but when we go there, we found out they are only open Wed-Fri. At that point, we were both hungry and kinda feeling like eating out, so we wandered over to East Burn (why’d they change their logo?). I got to try a beer from Upright Brewing, which is a new brewery in the Left Bank building. Farmhouse Ale was quite good – it tasted like a Belgium, and was fruity. Looking forward to trying some more of their stuff. Didn’t hurt that apparently all beers are $2 on Tuesdays at East Burn. Fun. We want to walk there some night and try some of their infused gins.

This was followed up by heading to Laurelhurst theater to see Pixar’s Up. Up was good, although it made me cry thinking about Brian’s dad. Also managed to swing by Beulahland, which I had been missing. It’s probably a good thing that Beulahland isn’t walking distance for me because I’d be there waaaay too much.

Alright. Sorry about the randomness – had a bout of insomnia after a bad dream at 2 a.m., so I’m scattered today. Which is why I’m not working on fixing the layout here.

Monday, Monday. Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ah ah ah.

On Monday nights, we’ve been heading to Old Town Pizza on MLK to watch movies. The first night we went, it was old (1940s and 1950s) beer commercials. They were completely awesome. One of them completely startled me – I had no idea that in-your-face foreplay was on TV back then. I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find the one that scandalized me, which is disappointing, it was really cool. I wonder why beer companies don’t use their old commercials? It’d definitely make me pay more attention to them.

In any event, it was pretty cool to watch them listening to the thwap thwap thwap of the film project (16mm, Brian said). Not to mention having a beer or two while doing that.

Last night’s was crash test dummy films from the Ford Motor company. Also good, but even better was the 1950s PSA-like movie for teenagers on not drinking and driving. Old Town doesn’t particularly turn the music off in the restaurant while we watch these, so it was a bit surreal to watch it to electronica music, watching it storm outside and drinking a beer.

The guy who does this didn’t remember what he had planned for next week – he says he just grabs them out of his basement. He’s quite a character too as he sets up the film. I think we are starting to make friends with the bartender too, who is from Edinbourough. He’s fond of Brian’s full name, which makes me giggle. And I was amused this week because he was less one beard and Brian was less one head of hair. Almost timed, that.

Pretty cool night, except for the fact that when we went out to get in my car, we noticed that my car was spraypainted sometime between Sunday night and Monday evening. Brian had moved my car to the street while we were gardening because he wanted to pull some weeds in our driveway and I left it there knowing we were going somewhere Monday night. The morons didn’t get Brian’s car thankfully, but they clearly thought about it because they spraypainted a penis on the street in front of his car. Reported to the police, of course, and my car has already had it removed. I’m working with the city to get the sidewalk and street penises removed, so hopefully that’s that. I’ve got enough of my family in me to think that if they’d like to do that again, there will be BAD. CONSEQUENCES. But all in all, part of living in a city, I get that.