Jim Henson

Jim Henson has been a hero of mine for a long time. I admire him for his creativity, kindness, and honesty. Brian noticed that Museum of the Moving Image in New York has a big exhibit right now and we are definitely going to go. But when I researched it, I discovered that MoPop (which used to be EMP) in Seattle had a small exhibit from Museum of the Moving Image. So we hit up our friend Tim to crash at his Ballard apartment, grabbed our Orca cards and headed up. It is nice to have Seattle only 3 hours away.

Seeing the exhibit meant that I got to stand next to some old friends. Really loved this, especially seeing his sketchbooks and the recreation of the night club concept. They also had the ball outfits that were worn in Labyrinth!


Started out at Amsterdam Centraal.

Then, lunch at a brewery:

Followed by a long walk in old town:

On to the Fashion district (after cake):

Back to the hotel for lovely dry German wine.

The next day was a long train ride to Munich.   

Back to Amsterdam


Our view at the hotel

You would not believe the stairs up to the lobby at Hotel Clemens.  Thankfully we are only one more flight past this one.  Dinner was at The Pantry.  I had Oven dish with cauliflower, mashed potatoes and ground beef.   Brian had hotstamp with sausage.


Cafe ‘t Smalle:   

Cafe Gollem: