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MacBeth in Lone Fir Cemetery


Quick note on this, as I had intended to write this up a while ago. We saw MacBeth in Lone Fir Cemetery last month with Cindy. Put on by the Portland Actors’ Guild, it was fantastic and perfectly suited for a pioneer cemetery. It was a rare break from the nasty hot weather Portland has had this summer, and practically a flawless summer evening. We packed some wine, cheese and sourdough, and were in heaven. Lying on the blanket, looking up at the night sky and listening to the leaves rustle as Lady MacBeth slowly unravels… great.

What kind of wine does your favorite cemetery serve?

What kind of wine does your favorite cemetery serve?

TEDx Portland

Brian and I went to TEDxPortland.  Really enjoyed this – it was my first time at a TEDx. The talks were great and it was also cool to talk to people who went. We got to see the Von Trapps! They sang Edelweiss!! And some of their own stuff. We went home and bought their CD.

Speech from Arrested Development gave a great talk too, very moving. I had no idea he was from Milwaukee, or how much racism he was exposed to there, really heartbreaking.

We also saw Con Bro Chill, which I hadn’t heard of (the guy sitting next to us had gone to school with one of the band members). They were totally nuts and awesome. At one point, there were giant throbbing sparkle thongs on the big screen (matched what they were wearing). Kinda obsessed with seeing a full show. And scared. But mostly interested.
 Con Bro Chill 

Space Room Celebration

Across from our booth at the Space Room - beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

Across from our booth at the Space Room – beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

We went to the Space Room last night to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. I forget how much I like the Space Room and people watching there, and I hadn’t been there since it was sold recently. Exactly the same! Although the Ladies’ room was super clean, which was a great surprise over the last time I was there. The Space Room has been on Hawthorne since 1959.

It’s not as dark as Bryant’s in Milwaukee, Wisc but close. Man, I miss Bryant’s (since 1938! Brian and I had were there for the first time in college, and told his parents about it the next time we were at their house. Turns out that not only was that one of their hangouts, but we had had “their” waitress as well! Brilliant).

At the Space Room, you walk in certain you will walk into a table, and you can feel people’s eyes on you but not see them. Then, after your first beer, you can’t imagine that – why you can see everything! Until you go back outside and are blinded by how light it is at ten at night. Heh.

February Thursday

It’s a gorgeous day today – Brian and I walked up to Barista on Alberta this afternoon. It was warm enough I regret wearing my coat (which I know I’ll need on the way home). We are sitting outside in the shade on the patio working. Lovely – especially after reading in my journal from last year that there had been five days where I could not drive to Beaverton due to snow. Now my workday involves walking to a patio to get a change of scenery and focus.

Am enjoying the lack of commute a ton. I need to increase my work hours a bit but even so, this has been lovely. I love Portland in February, it can be just about any temperature, but when you get a glorious sunny day like today and can take advantage of it, everyone is in a great mood and you wonder how you could ever consider living anywhere else.