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Then Ministry

The next show we went to last week was Ministry. I have seen them a few times (actually, they may be the band I have seen the most times) but Brian hadn’t yet so we got tickets. And I hadn’t seen them since the 90’s. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous about this show – would they phone it in? Given where we are right now, would there be complete loonies there?

It was probably my favorite Ministry show. They were amazing. The lead singer from Fear Factory did a few songs with them too. They surprised me by singing a current song that choked me up. I very nearly went to see them two nights later in Vancouver BC, I liked the show that much. I am super happy I went, and came away thinking I was a smart kid to like them in the 80’s. Whew.

Unfortunately, not very many photos, and few of them clear. I was too into it and dancing. And for some reason, there were more tall men at this show than any other show I remember (over 6’4″, a ton of ’em), usually just in front of me.

Oh, and I baked bread that morning:

TEDx Portland

Brian and I went to TEDxPortland.  Really enjoyed this – it was my first time at a TEDx. The talks were great and it was also cool to talk to people who went. We got to see the Von Trapps! They sang Edelweiss!! And some of their own stuff. We went home and bought their CD.

Speech from Arrested Development gave a great talk too, very moving. I had no idea he was from Milwaukee, or how much racism he was exposed to there, really heartbreaking.

We also saw Con Bro Chill, which I hadn’t heard of (the guy sitting next to us had gone to school with one of the band members). They were totally nuts and awesome. At one point, there were giant throbbing sparkle thongs on the big screen (matched what they were wearing). Kinda obsessed with seeing a full show. And scared. But mostly interested.
 Con Bro Chill 

Made my heart soar

I really love this. It’s funny, you don’t know what you will find inspirational or how something will affect you. The look of surprise on his face when everyone is singing, very cool.

Another show in Seattle

We took the train back to Seattle last weekend as Tim had got tickets to Sleater-Kinney for all of us! Really fantastic, and the part of Ballard he lives in has soo much to do (regretfully didn’t take enough pictures this trip).

Union Station on a fantastic summer day

Union Station on a fantastic summer day

Had some time before getting on the train so sat outside of Wilf's with an Oregonian wine

Had some time before getting on the train so sat outside of Wilf’s with an Oregonian wine

I have wanted to eat at the Walrus & the Carpenter forever.  It lives up to its reputation and then some, yum!

I have wanted to eat at the Walrus & the Carpenter forever. It lives up to its reputation and then some, yum!

Walking to dinner near Pike Market

Walking to dinner near Pike Market

The Showbox

The Showbox

Our table before we moved forward to dance

Our table before we moved forward to dance



Belated Seattle post

Did I tell you we took the train to Seattle to see Stevie Wonder in early December? It was a really fun trip. Brian used Fetch to buy the show tickets, the train tickets and to reserve the room at Ace Hotel so it counted as a mid-week working vacation. It was fun to show up at the Ace and have the front desk say, oh, your assistant reserved your room for you.

Entry to Ace Hotel

Entry to Ace Hotel

Our room, taking a quick break before dinner.  Brian is likely working in this picture.

Our room, taking a quick break before dinner. Brian is likely working in this picture.

View from the bed

View from the bed

Nice view of the Sound from our room, we were super close to everything

Nice view of the Sound from our room, we were super close to everything

I wish I could remember where we got dinner – nice pizza, nice guys there, and we had a Missouri beer we liked (it surprised us, but not our waiter who was from there). Ah wait, I found it – I use yelp like some people use bookmarks. We walked from the Ace to Rocco’s for dinner and then walked to Key Arena to see Stevie Wonder. Not very many good pictures from the show, but holy cow – he played for four hours.


Space Needle at night

Space Needle at night

We walked back to the hotel around 1? And sat at the bar for a drink before bed, but managed to get up to meet Tim for breakfast at a little bakery nearby which he liked (it was pretty good! I was super tired!). He headed off for work, and we wandered around. We considered getting more piroshkies at Piroshky Bakery which is where we ate lunch the day before (have you eaten here? If you are in Seattle often and don’t, what’s wrong with you? Do it. So nice to grab some and walk through the city) but twice in two days felt excessive. It was a nice rainy day so we mostly just wandered until our train ride home.

Mmmm flat white on the way home

Mmmm flat white on the way home

Knitting and reading on the train

Knitting and reading on the train

Two interesting links

First, here’s a map someone at very small array put together showing by state, the places mentioned in “Missed Connections” for Craigslist, broken down by Male for Male, Male for Woman, Woman for Male and Woman for Woman.

Notably, Oregon has New Seasons for one, which cracked me up. (New Seasons is the local sustainable organic grocery store that Brian and I like and shop at. And which has now caused me to boycott Whole Foods, for those of you checking in from a distance)

I am also sad that one of Wisconsin’s was Walmart. Booo hisssss.

Also notable are the blanks for woman for woman – some states not represented. Not cool man, not cool.

Second link posted to a website I frequent (warning, a short video, probably with music but I watched it muted): Notebook.

There you go. Two things that made me happy on the internet.

Saturday’s music

Saturday was getting up and going to the Farmers’ Market (my friend Gund said ‘what kind of farmer didja get?’ when I got home). I was slightly giddy with the prospect of local fresh organic vegetables. I got some rabe, fresh walnuts, shallots, oyster mushrooms, and huckleberry jam. O and awesome radishes that aren’t sharp at all. mmmm.

Saturday night we went to see Rilo Kiley. It was a great show – neither Brian or I thought they could live up to their albums, and of course they did. We got great seats at the Roseland – the people who drink sit upstairs, and we got the front row, so we had a great view of the stage and of the crowd. Not to mention a place to put our MirrorPonds.


Whispertown2000 opened for them and Michael Runnion before that. Can’t say I liked Michael Runnion. Brian said he’s a good guitarist but his music wasn’t doing much for me and he’s not the greatest showman yet. Think he’ll probably improve with time, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see him.

Whispertown2000 on the other hand was soooo good. The women singers were really awesome – their voices, their showmanship, their clothes. Two guys too, one on drums, one on guitar. By the end of the show, everyone had played the drums except the leadsinger. hehe. Brian said with some amazement, you know, I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen someone play drums and guitar at the same time. I looked up and yeah, wow, that’s got to be hard, hehe. Really a fun show, if they come through again, I will make a point of seeing them. I’m going to download the album from iTunes. O, and there was a kazoo! And a jamboree!


Rilo Kiley managed to play every single song I love and more. Jenny Lewis is a rockstar and lives up to every expectation of that. She was fun to watch, gracious to the crowd, reacted well when some idiot whipped jewelry at her head and put on an amazing show.

What I didn’t expect was that I’d be blown away by Blake Sennett as well. I came away a huge fan. His guitars were great, he can really play but he’s also awesome to watch. He gets what it takes to put on a show. I should have written this Saturday night because I know there’s a ton more I wanted to write about him, but ah well. They had huge balloons in the middle of the show, full of gold confetti that the crowd played beachball with until they popped, showering everyone with gold.

We decided they also have *the* hardest working roadie of all time – he was constantly fixing things, switching guitars, tossing the balloons back out to the crowd (wtf, front row? hit it back, NOT at the band). There’s no way they pay him enough :)

Music, again

Another Cynthia‘s CD release party last night was fun. It was at Tonic, which is walking distance for us. We didn’t think we had enough time to walk because both Brian and I worked pretty late, but they went on pretty late so we probably could have walked.

If you haven’t heard them yet, go check them out on their myspace page. On their new album (which they have up there for download currently), I’m particularly fond of 3 a.m.

New Model Army is playing tonight at Mt Tabor Legacy, but I just found out about it last night, and we have neighbors coming over for a cook-out. I’ve been a New Model Army fan since the early 90s, so it is pretty tempting.

We thought about going out to it after, making it three nights in a row we saw awesome music, but it would probably be about a $50 night after tickets and drinks and I’d rather spend it when everyone gets here this week.

Music, sweet Music

Yay! There are no longer people downstairs pounding loudly, breaking my stuff, tracking mud everywhere in our house and generally invading our privacy daily! I am starting to adjust.

Gearing up for visits from Dean and Michele and Jessica and Steve next week and trying to figure out what each of them would like the most about Portland and Oregon so that I can take them there. I am sure my flickr pool with be full of pictures from all my standard haunts :)

Last night, Brian took a brief break from work (he’s been putting in long hours again) and we wandered over to Chapel Pub for dinner (a McMenamins place) where Jenny Conlee from the Decemberists was playing on the organ maybe 10 feet away from us. She’s awesome, and the music she chose to play on the organ was equally awesome. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida made me laugh when she started playing it. Fun night. We will have to check out the Florida Room’s Blasphemous Brunch one of these days, it was just across the street.



We went to Brocach for St Patty’s day, and somehow didn’t have to stand in line this year to get in (usually they are at capacity). We got places to sit at the bar (apparently our timing was phenomenally good this year).

Ran into the folks I went out with last year, who had been on the list for a table for dinner for over an hour (we were told 2 1/2 hours when we put our name on the list), and who invited us to sit at their table (what’s an extra four to six people anyhow?). Was super fun – I think I’m on a Casaer salad with salmon on top kick right now.

I managed to be talented enough to drop my digital camera into a glass that looked to be too small to accommodate it. The glass, predictably, was full of beer, and the camera is now an ex-camera. Brocach, while fun, seems to make me lose or break stuff, almost regularly.

When to the High Noon Saloon after that to hear the Kissers. Fun. The violinist especially was cool. Carrie took pictures and when she posted them to her flickr account, I laughed until I cried, literally. I think we were a fun and funny set of drunks that night.

It was a good time. Now I need to find a nice cheap decent digital camera, I’m back to the “new” one that I dislike.