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Space Room Celebration

Across from our booth at the Space Room - beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

Across from our booth at the Space Room – beautiful blacklights and murals everywhere.

We went to the Space Room last night to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. I forget how much I like the Space Room and people watching there, and I hadn’t been there since it was sold recently. Exactly the same! Although the Ladies’ room was super clean, which was a great surprise over the last time I was there. The Space Room has been on Hawthorne since 1959.

It’s not as dark as Bryant’s in Milwaukee, Wisc but close. Man, I miss Bryant’s (since 1938! Brian and I had were there for the first time in college, and told his parents about it the next time we were at their house. Turns out that not only was that one of their hangouts, but we had had “their” waitress as well! Brilliant).

At the Space Room, you walk in certain you will walk into a table, and you can feel people’s eyes on you but not see them. Then, after your first beer, you can’t imagine that – why you can see everything! Until you go back outside and are blinded by how light it is at ten at night. Heh.


I learned a great word that we are missing (as far as I can think) in the English language, but which German has: Idiotenfreiheit. It was described like this on Ravelry: “It’s about the extra concessions made for people who are just too dumb to behave differently. Usually for teenagers doing stupid things or drunk people.”

I think that’s one I will begin using more than I should.

2014’s Amsterdam pictures

Moving a misplaced page into a post for posterity. You’ve probably seen these already so sorry about posting them again. I will likely do the same for the others I wanted out here.

I recommend clicking on a thumbnail to enlargen the photos and click the large image to see the next one – not only do you get larger images, you will see any captions I put out there.

Happy Spring

Easter Sunday involved walking up to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast –  


– and then strolling 25 blocks of Alberta Street in the sunshine.  Making dough for pizza tonight in the backyard.