Monthly Archives: February 2015

Agile talk

Went to an Agile talk at Puppet Labs last night given by the Intel Agile trainer. It was nice to see Puppet Labs’ new location – they have an incredible view of the river and traffic going over the bridges, nice enough I’m impressed I didn’t get continually distracted while listening to the talk.

It was good to get out and meet people. I met Anna’s husband Steve who was really nice and clearly super sharp. The talk itself was fine, but I didn’t really pick up much from it. I guess Agile teams are just part of how I do things, so I guess some of my instinctual workflow just is super agile. I was twitching to correct the speaker’s slides though, so many misspellings (“agreeements” instead of “agreements”, “it’s” instead of “its”, that sort of thing). I’ve never understood why if you are going to have slides, you wouldn’t have someone just read through it. He seemed like a nice guy and a pretty decent speaker though.

Ran into some women and discovered the next ACWT annual meeting is in April (Advancing the Careers of Women in Tech) so definitely looking forward to that.

Mostly writing this up to test the latest WordPress update.

February Thursday

It’s a gorgeous day today – Brian and I walked up to Barista on Alberta this afternoon. It was warm enough I regret wearing my coat (which I know I’ll need on the way home). We are sitting outside in the shade on the patio working. Lovely – especially after reading in my journal from last year that there had been five days where I could not drive to Beaverton due to snow. Now my workday involves walking to a patio to get a change of scenery and focus.

Am enjoying the lack of commute a ton. I need to increase my work hours a bit but even so, this has been lovely. I love Portland in February, it can be just about any temperature, but when you get a glorious sunny day like today and can take advantage of it, everyone is in a great mood and you wonder how you could ever consider living anywhere else.


Working; having a beer; listening to the details of an apparently long overdue break-up; also listening to Dead Milkmen on the jukebox. All-in-all, entertaining and productive.

I walked up to Mash Tun brewpub on Alberta St. After posting this, some grizzled older men set up songs on the jukebox. I thought, uh oh, here comes an hour of Neil Young. But apparently they had a hankerin’ for some Norah Jones, so what do I know.