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We have two types of squirrels which hang out in our backyard. This kind (Eastern Gray Squirrel) always looks nervous to me, I think it’s because they don’t have the fuller tail of the other kind (Western Gray Squirrel).

quick random facts

I am apparently only capable of posting short things right now rather than anything interesting. I’ll see if I can improve it but won’t hold my breath.

Random facts I’ve recently learned: My friend Jeff has been changed both by a baby moose (no, not my cat, a real moose) *and* by a headless chicken which came after him repeatedly.

Potato cheddar pierogis made by hand are *awesome* and I am glad I have some in the freezer now but eating more than two is an insane amount of calories (kinda convenient that I overlooked that until after I ate them, hrm).

It’s been far too long since I’ve been to the coast and I know I will regret that at some point. But! I focus too much on regret so am ignoring that for now.

Errrrr…can’t end on that so: I’m reading in French again and listening to lots of French music. Wish I had someone to speak to in French, it would be great to improve my ear. Hearing people talk is the hardest part. Writing is easy, speaking is pretty easy (especially after wine), but when I’m in the thick of things and people talk quickly to me I blank. Failing that, if anyone reading this has any good French music suggestions, I’d love to hear it.

Random picture:
Moose thinkingMoose thinking about things at a previous house.


Brian in Monaco looking out over the Mediterranean

Brian in Monaco looking out over the Mediterranean

Daydreaming about the next travel. Nothing planned yet and I wish I had a better sense of where and how. But still yearning for it. I am definitely in the midst of winter blahs which isn’t helping – I want to take off right now and go explore.


This was supposed to be a picture of Nice here for you to look at, but WordPress is getting creaky and old and didn’t want to upload it. Another time.

I am looking into a new CMS for Brian right now, and it has made me realize how old and creaky this site is now. I’m thinking I may use this as an excuse to move away from WordPress and into something more flexible and interesting. Seems like a good excuse at least. I definitely need to make some updates and changes, not just to this website but altogether. Can’t stand still or you’ll bore yourself to death…